ASW11 Coverage: Mobile Marketing – The 97% Response Rate Channel

Disclaimer: This is a live blog post from Affiliate Summit West 2011. Everything that follows this italicized paragraph is based on the words of the presenters and are not my own. If you feel that I’ve misrepresented anything or anyone, please leave a comment below.


  • Brian Williams (@brianwilliams)
  • Mike Koenigs (@mikekoenigs)

Brian Williams

There are 2 billion desktops and laptops worldwide, but there are 6 billion mobile phone users. Furthermore, SMS has a 96% open-rate.

One in nine people have a Facebook account, and the average age of FB users is 38 years old, and 61% of FB users are older than that. And 64% of Twitter users are 35 or older.

While one of Brian’s FB ad for a product got little response, the same ad on mobile got 203 opt-ins within 12 hours. The ad cost just over $238 and generated over $53K in sales. None of this required a list.

In fact, mobile marketing in general doesn’t requre a list, and results tend to be lightning fast. “It’s like having a hypnotists commanding your customers what to do.”

Mike Koenigs

There are four principles of the “Power Tribe”:

  • Capture
  • Connect
  • Communicate
  • and Close

Capture: When Tony Robins was on Larry King with 3 million viewers, mentioning a domain only generated about 10,000 leads. With opt-in text, however, you can increase a 15% lead converstion rate to 200% or more.

Connect: Next, you want to target the “influencers” — i.e. the people with a major Twitter or LinkedIn following. Identifying these VIPs has a major impact on your bottom-line. So use various social tools to learn everything you can about your prospects. Then be ready to act on that knowledge.

Communicate: Generally, these people are flattered that you’re connecting with them, and are enthusiastic about sharing your message. Leverage live events such as tele-seminars, webinars, etc., that feature a respectable expert, and integrate live chat so that someone is responding to their feedback/questions in real time.

Close: If you meet your prospects on their terms, you will be much more likely to close a deal with them. Analyze the logs from live events to see who is logging in late, logging out early, or not logging in at all, and use that data as a basis for a follow-up. Send them SMS and email to remind them of upcoming “live events” and when they don’t show up at all, solicit their feedback as to why. It will generally resonate with them, which will reinforce your connection to them.

The 5 Force Multipliers
Overall, remember to use all five tools/tactics at your disposal:

  • Multi-Channel Reminders
  • Multimedia Delivery (e.g. tele-seminars, webinars, etc.)
  • Use Social Influence
  • Behavioral Follow Up
  • Live Chat

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