How Newspapers Are Using Mobile Apps – Dave Coleman Interview

At Podcamp Toronto 2010, I gave a presentation titled Saving Newspapers Using Search & Social. One of the things I recommended newspapers do was leverage mobile apps to both reach more users and diversify their ad offerings. Some people thought it was a good idea, and other people thought I was dreaming.

Well, the day after my session, I met Dave Coleman, the Director of Marketing for Spreed Inc. Spreed is a company that develops mobile apps for online publishers so that the can reach mobile users with their content and advertising. In fact, Spreed is already working with some major newspapers, such as the Globe & Mail, for whom they are serving up 7.5-10 million page views a month.

So it looks like if any part of my presentation was dreamt up, it was the part where I thought my idea was original. Newspapers are already using the mobile web to find new sources of ad revenues, and if the numbers are any indication, it’s working just fine.

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