NVI celebrates 7 successful years with a new office launch party

Last night, Thursday September 20, nvi welcomed clients and key contributors into their brand new office space located at 4200 St Laurent, with a special guest speaker from Google.

Montreal – September 21, 2012 – nvi, Canada’s leading digital performance agency invited clients and key contributors to come celebrate 7 years of success during their new office launch party. Held on the 7th floor of 4200 St Laurent, it was the perfect occasion to discover the creative space where the nvi team has been working away for the last few weeks. During the Happy Hour event, guests had the chance to attend a joint conference presented by nvi’s CEO, Guillaume Bouchard, and the Managing Director of Google Québec, Nicolas Darveau-Garneau. The conference covered current challenges in digital performance with insights into what’s ahead for the digital industry.

nvi’s offices have been a reflection of where nvi is as a company. As clients, staff and services portfolios have grown, so have the physical surroundings. In 2004, Guillaume Bouchard and Simon Rouillier started the company as part of a final year project for school. nvi’s first “office” was a crammed apartment on Marie-Anne street. Next came a slightly bigger semi-basement apartment on Pie IX Boulevard. Just before the most recent move, nvi was located in a loft on 55 Mont-Royal West. Today, nvi has made a staggering step up to 10,000 square feet of state of the art open space. Now residing on the Main, the new office is designed to promote the collaborative, collective energy of the team. Without compromising the bold and passionate spirit that nvi was founded on, nvihas evolved with every move, taking on bigger, more complex challenges and serving a growing portfolio of tier-1 clients.

“The leaders of the company chose to invest in new premises in order to bolster our talents’ creativity; to allow them to work in a modern and inspiring physical space that makes them excited to go above and beyond for our customers,” says Guillaume Bouchard, co-founder and CEO of nvi. In addition, nvi was recently ranked third among Quebec’s fast growing companies (38th in Canada) by L’Actualité and Profit 200.

4200 St-Laurent new offices

4200 St Laurent, suite 701 Conference rooms are all named after nvi addresses through time nvi’s mission is centered on the ingenuity of its web marketing strategies and the collective energy of its employees to offer the best return on investment to its clients. nvihelps clients define goals and measure their actions. By doing so, nvi aims to find the optimal solutions for exceeding its clients’ performance expectations in a relationship that is founded on each other’s success. nvi builds a culture of performance based on a desire to excel and execute strategies in an intelligent way.

About nvi

nvi is a full service digital marketing agency with offices in Montreal and Toronto. nvileverages internal tools, broad experience and a diversified staff of experts to serve their customers. All services are rendered in a perfectly bilingual environment. Known for its resourcefulness, nvi has the ability to execute strategic plans that are performance-centric. nvi relies on the ingenuity of its digital marketing strategies and the collective energy of its employees to offer the best return on investment to its customers.

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For more information and/or interview requests, contact:

Benoit Chiasson
 Vice President of Marketing
514-524-7149 # 241


NVI supports the efforts of Sun Youth (Jeunesse au Soleil) in helping the community

nvi, the digital performance agency has recently donated ten refurbished laptops to Sun Youth, a Montreal non-profit organization.

nvi has been working with the latest technologies to achieve performance objectives for digital customers since its founding. However, access to technology and equipment is not available for everyone. Therefore, nvi has reached out to Sun Youth to offer them ten fully refurbished laptops. Donated just before back to school, these computers are, among others things, available to children enrolled in the homework program (see photo). “We are very happy and grateful to be able to have a positive impact on our community and contribute in our own way, to support motivation in academic achievement while being environmentally and socially responsible,” says Guillaume Bouchard, President at nvi.

Children are enjoying the laptops

“Your donation will allow us to have better technological resources, which ultimately, allow us to provide better services to people we help. Your gift could not come at a better time,” says Johanne Saltarelli assistant to the executive director and director of the Sun Youth camp.

About SunYouth (Jeunesse au Soleil)
A local non-profit social organization in Montreal, Sun Youth helps the community by providing aid to individuals in need. The organization mission is to serve low income families, people with special needs as well as citizens of all ages, ethnic origins and religious beliefs, without discrimination.

About nvi
nvi is a full service digital marketing agency with offices in Montreal and Toronto. nvi leverages internal tools, broad experience and a diversified staff of experts to serve their customers.  All services are rendered in a perfectly bilingual environment. Known for its resourcefulness, nvi has the ability to execute strategic plans that are performance-centric. nvi relies on the ingenuity of its digital marketing strategies and the collective energy of its employees to offer the best return on investment to its customers.

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For more info, contact
Benoit Chiasson
VP marketing and sales
4200 St-Laurent blvd, suite 701
Montreal, Qc. H2W 2R2
514-524-7149 # 241


NVI ranks 38th among Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies, by PROFIT: Your Guide to Business Success

Montreal — June 4, 2012 —NVI, the leading SEO and digital marketing agency in Canada has once again ranked as one of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies with another top 50 performance. The complete rankings of the PROFIT: Your Guide to Business Success are available online at www.profit200.ca.

“We are very excited to be nominated for a second consecutive year and to be first among digital agencies,” says Guillaume Bouchard, CEO of NVI. “We attribute our growth and success to our values of performance, ingenuity and collective energy and to a team that’s bright and talented.” Indeed, in just over 5 years, NVI has evolved from a start-up web design company to one of the major digital marketing agencies in Canada.

NVI’s mission is centered on the ingenuity of its web marketing strategies and the collective energy of its employees to offer the best return on investment to its clients. NVI helps clients define goals and measure their actions. By doing so, NVI aims to find the optimal solutions for exceeding its clients’ performance expectations in a relationship that is founded on each other’s success. NVI builds a culture of performance based on a desire to excel and execute strategies in an intelligent way.

PROFIT 200 Ranking

Ranking Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies by five-year revenue growth, the PROFIT 200 profiles the country’s most successful growth companies. Published in the Summer issue of PROFIT and online at PROFITguide.com, the PROFIT 200 is Canada’s largest annual celebration of entrepreneurial achievement.

“The PROFIT 200 companies are an inspiration to Canadian entrepreneurs and would-be entrepreneurs,” says Ian Portsmouth, Editor-in-Chief of PROFIT Magazine. “PROFIT is proud to celebrate the success of these businesspeople, who, despite a challenging economy, have achieved outstanding success in a wide variety of fields.”

About PROFIT Magazine

PROFIT: Your Guide to Business Success is Canada’s preeminent publication dedicated to the management issues and opportunities facing small and mid-sized businesses. For 30 years, Canadian entrepreneurs and senior managers across a vast array of economic sectors have remained loyal to PROFIT because it’s a timely and reliable source of actionable information that helps them achieve business success and get the recognition they deserve for generating positive economic and social change. Visit PROFIT online at PROFITguide.com.

About NVI

NVI is a full service digital marketing agency with offices in Montreal and Toronto. NVI leverages internal tools, broad experience and diversified staff of experts to serve their customers. Known for its resourcefulness, NVI has the ability to execute strategic plans that are performance-centric. NVI relies on the ingenuity of its web marketing strategies and the collective energy of its employees to offer the best return on investment to its customers.

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Benoit Chiasson,
VP marketing and sales
4200 boul. St-Laurent, suite 701
Montréal, Qc. H2W 2R2
514-524-7149 # 241


Google I/O 2012

Every year, the  Google I/O developer conference becomes more and more popular.  Their famous Oprah-style giveaways certainly have something to do with the rising attendance, but for me, it’s really about the quality and quantity of talks that take place.

Tons of great new ideas, applications and concepts are demonstrated at Google I/O and if you’re a developer or simply love tech, it would be a shame not to take advantage of one of the 2 days left of the event that kicked off yesterday. For those who can’t attend the event in-person, Google I/O Extended allows you to livestream parts of Google I/Oevents from all over the world. Otherwise, you can always wait until the talks become available for free on YouTube, which should be in no time.

Google I/O Extended events are official  “viewing parties” that sometimes have their own extra talks before the viewing of the Google I/O keynote. For example, at the Montreal Google I/O Extended, there were 3 additional talks about Chrome development:

  • Chromium : Développement (French)
    Guidelines on how to add your own code to Chrome.
  • Outils de développement de Chrome (French)
    This talk demonstrated how after using Firebug for years, the default developer tool for Chrome surpassed it with its many features. If you ask me, this is the best web debugging system.
  • Chrome Extensions Best Practices
    At this talk, I learned best practices for maximum security when developing a Chrome add-on.

After those 3 sessions and a quick meal, it was time for the main event, the Google I/O 2012 Event. They unveiled so many great things, some of the highlights including:

Android 4.1 – Jelly Bean

  • Built to have the best speed performance
  • Add offline voice commands (don’t worry, it’s far from old “dumb phone” voice recongnition)
  • Better notification or, like they say, active notification with type specific functionalities.
  • Google Now is a new application that will, with time, learn to anticipate your needs. Say you’re a soccer fan (since we all have World Cup fever) and you’re always checking the scores for your favourite team, Google Now will learn your patterns and instantly give you score updates but also tell you when your team is playing next and even where to buy tickets to the game.

Google Q

Google Q’s hardware reminds me of some kind of mix between the Apple Air Port Express and Apple TV machine. With integrated speakers, and operating on a fully Cloud based system (buy a song or a movie with your computer or TV and it’s available anywhere), this seems to be a great contender to Apple TV and Air Port systems.

Nexus 7

Like the Nexus One or Nexus S, the Nexus 7 is the next official Google hardware machine. Besides being one hell of an amazing piece of hardware, it’s also only $199 ($209 Candian). A perfect size for reading a book, playing games, managing your life … you name it! And all for such a a small fee 

Are you going to buy one? I will for sure!! They’ll be available in Canada in a little less than a month.

Google + Events

Google+ is a nice platform for social sharing, but to be honest, I don’t use it that much. It’s not to say that it’s bad, but I’m so used to Facebook for all my social needs that I don’t see the point in using Google+. That changed today!!

Google+ Events is the perfect tool for creating and managing events. It takes care of the before, during and after the event. Creating an event is a breeze. It groups all the pictures of the event together and puts them into one easy accessible place that you can go back to once the event is done. Don’t take my word for it, check out this video :

Google Glass

What is Google Glass? It’s the new cool gadget in town. Still in it’s infancy stages, it acts as a sixth sense and provides extra information to the user about the world around them through a wearable Glass. For more info, check out this video:

Like the famous “one more thing” Apple does at almost every keynote, Google Glasswas showcased in its fully functional format and ended the event with a Bang!! We witnessed guys flying down from a plane, biking on a rooftop and then deepelling down the side of a building! Crazy stuff -watch below:

That was it for me for Google I/O 2012 in Montréal! Can’t wait to watch all of the talks and I hope you’ll do the same.

NVI Made A Search And Social Media Marketing Game For You

NVI is proud to share of our very first online holiday game!

A game created to add “freshness” to generic holiday print and e-cards, the NVI Xmas Rankerizer tests your web marketing skills through fast action plays, requiring quick reflexes,  precise hand/eye coordination and attention to detail. In true Social spirit, the Xmas Rankerizer is the perfect way heat up and unwind before the holidays begin.

Inspired by the classic county fair game, “whac-a-mole”, the NVI Xmas Rankerizer is an updated virtual game where the most trending search and social media icons, such as the Facebook Like, the Twitter bird, YouTube, Google’s +1, LinkedIn and the Google Panda, replace traditional media, err… moles.

Web marketers, bloggers and all you social media buffs out there… get ready to rev your game ranking engines! The player with the most points wins!

Don’t forget to publish your results on your social networks so that the competition gets fierce! Nothing like a little showboating right?


The game is compatible with mobile and iPad as well. Visit the NVI Xmas Rankerizer for more information and loads of fun!

Happy Holidays to all!

The NVI team

Win 2 tickets for The art of Marketing conference

«With which speaker will you lunch after the event and WHY?»

We invite you to write your answer in comment or to react on Twitter, the funniest answer will win. You have until Friday at 4.00pm to participate.

We have also a promo code : LD27 will provide them with a $50 discount on individual tickets and a $100 discount on each tickets when they purchase a group of 3 or more (at the same time).

20% off for SES Chicago, October 18th to 22nd

SES Chicago is one of the leading search and social marketing conferences and expos, covering search engine optimization (SEO), paid search advertising, social media, mobile, link building and more than 70 other sessions and training workshops.  NVI will be attending the event and our president, Guillaume Bouchard, will be giving a conference. The session has not been confirmed yet. We will also be running a booth on the expo floor.

NVI can offer you 20% off your registration with the promo code : 20NVI.

If you can’t assist at the event, NVI will do live blogging and interviews.

The Art of Marketing

Digital channels have allowed us to make marketing so much more of a science. With web analytics we can accurately measure the success and reach of our campaigns through metrics such as views, clicks, time on site, and impressions.

But so many purchasing decisions are emotional ones, so it’s important that we remember how to approach marketing as an art.

Well, The Art of Marketing conference is coming to Montreal and NVI can offer you a promo code to save $50 on registration. With its roster of world-class marketersand best selling authors (such as Seth Godin and Avinash Kaushik), it promises to be a day of great insight from some of the best in the business.

So register here to save $50 on your ticket.

If you can’t make it, NVI will be there live blogging and trying to interview as many of the speakers on video as we can. But if you still haven’t made up your mind, maybe this clip will help sway you.

SES Toronto 2010: Link Building Basics

Andrew Goodman, Page Zero Media

Jeff Quipp, Search Engine People

It seems to be a common trend at SES Toronto this year that moderators/speakers have been backing out of their commitments at the last minute. In this case it was Shari Thurow from Omni Marketing Interactive replaced by Andrew Goodman of Page Zero Media.

This presentation was a solo presentation given by Jeff Quipp at Search Engine People and he put on a good show!

Jeff started out his presentation with a quick definition of linkbuilding. Definition: Links are other sites choosing to link to your websites. Google Webmaster tools seems to be on the same page by saying that “In general webmasters can improve the rank of their sites by increasing the number of high quality sites pointing to their pages/domain.
SEO is divided into 2 main components:

  1. Onsite – Search engines rate websites on their onsite perfomance and have a maximum finite score.
  2. Offsite – Search engines do not have a maximum finite score when it comes to offsite work.

This creates a Google Paradox.

How important are links?

SEO’s began to linkbuild former President George Bush’s profile page within the White House website and was successful to rank it for the term miserable failure without having any on page content that aimed at the keyword “miserable failure” or anything close to it.
Link factors:

  • Quantity – equates links to votes (more links = more votes) – Google has evolved since then.
  • Quantity of sites linking in.
  • Quality of links – more authoritative websites carry heavier votes when linking out to external websites and therefore pass on more trust and authority to linked websites than less authoritative sites.
  • Anchor text – most important element (example of whitehouse.gov ranking for the term “miserable failure”)

Link Philosphies:

  1. Build links – contact suppliers, clients complementary businesses and ask them to link to you with appropriate anchor text.
  2. Article syndication – write an article, submit it to a syndication service, other sites will find your article and could link back… (not the best strategy but good for going after low competitive terms)
  3. Reciprocal linking – as long as you keep a reasonable amount of your links reciprocal it remains a good practice. If overdone you can get a spam penalty from Google or other search engines.
  4. Directory submissions – Yahoo directory, DMOZ, Business.com still have value while the rest not so much. Local directories on the other hand seem to remain valid and pass link juice mainly because their aren’t many companies listed and each company is located within that one city/state.
  5. Blog commenting – questionable tactic that still works but is not recommended since it can be considered as SPAM. Stay away from automated tools and  commenting with specific anchor texts if you are leaving not genuine comments.
  6. Guest posting – infinite amount of sites looking for guest bloggers and you should enter site:topic “guest post” into a search engine to find a list of websites who might be interested in having you as a guest blogger. Be sure when contacting websites for a guest post to approach them with an idea. Typically, the guest blogger would receive credit for the guest post in the byline or within the guest post.

Linkbuilding Techniques


  1. Conceive a useful concept
  2. Construct widget
  3. Ensure textlink beneath widget

Awards & Badges

  1. Find relevant blogs
  2. Read their posts
  3. Begin commenting & ask them to host your badge/award. (example: top 20 most beautiful hospitals)

Search competitors links

  1. Use yahoo site explorer or majestic seo to see the sites linking to you or your competitors.

Buying Links

  1. Link buying networks
  2. Offer sites money
  3. Offer sites “in-kind” trades

When you buy links you get full control but need to be very careful and remain under the radar since buying links can result in your site being heavily penalized or banned from the search engines.

Pros & Cons of linkbuilding


  • Good control of anchor
  • Greater ability to focus on links on specific page
  • Good anchor text variation
  • Can generate large quantities of links


  • Difficult to create
  • Time consuming
  • Powers that be within a company have no time
  • Specific content may/may not attract links

So that’s pretty much it for Jeff’s presentation on Linkbuilding for beginners.

SES Toronto 2010 Live Blogging: Opening Keynote

Opening Keynote: Peter Morville – SES 2010

OK well we are back at SES for the fourth consecutive year and starting things off with the conference welcome and opening keynote by Peter Morville, President of Semantic Studios.

Peter’s has a background in library informational sciences which allowed him to help libraries solve their many technical problems throughout the years.

Peter starts things off by talking about search being a process of learning where you go from entering keywords into the search field to filtering through the results, then finding what you are looking for (hopefully).

Search is a complex adaptive system which starts by:

  1. Understanding the users (vocabulary, behaviors, purpose…)
  2. Designing the search engine interface and making it functional for users.
  3. Search needs to support the features, technology and algorithm that we want to deliver the best results.
  4. Search then needs to allow users to narrow and filter their results to find exactly what they are looking for.

Principles of design

Search needs an obsessive amount of detail in design and a lot can be taken from traditional marketing methods and implemented in a web format. It is always best to start simple and then constantly add new features and functionalities. Google maps for example started out by displaying geographic areas and road maps to help guide you to where you want to go. Nowadays, Google Maps not only can help get you to where you want to go but also show you what types of establishments are situated around the location you are looking into.

We should always be designing a website/application based on context (example: mobile search) to try and give users the best experience. In mobile search it is very important that your application takes into users using the app on a bumpy bus and should be functional enough that they do not get frustrated and close the application.

Search Behavior patterns

  • Ability to narrow and filter search results.
  • Ability to take a step backward and look at the bigger picture.

When building a search tool, it is very important to develop an engine that is sophisticated enough for an expert user and easy for a beginner to navigate through as well.

Auto complete helps users become more efficient on their computers or mobile phones to get a better web experience – Google (shows you drop down suggestions as you enter your search query) – Yahoo does the same plus auto suggest.

Since click through rates are highest for the top 3 search engine positions (43% of clicks in #1, 15% #2, 10% #3, 5% the rest of the first page listings) marketers must constantly make sure to get their clients or personal sites onto the first page and especially in the top 3! Optimizers need to do their best to not only rank in first page but to also do the best job to keep the users interested in your website once inside.

Like how Google uses Page Rank, Flickr uses an interestingness factor based on social data. Social data is very important to get the best results to the top of the page on many vertical websites so you don’t get unrelated listings on the first page. Social media will help search engines deliver better results to its users and reduce the amount of irrelevant listings (ie – “little lame prince” novel showing up above the famous “little prince” novel on some ecommerce search platforms)

Faceted navigation allows users to search the way they are used to. Display results in the center and left sidebar contains many filtering options to help the user find what they are looking for at a quicker pace. NCSU library was one of the first to adopt faceted navigation and has been adopted by many sites and are continuing to push the envelope to generate better results for its users.
Redefining search

We can make a lot of progress in search by making incremental steps forward to helping users.

It’s really amazing the way that mobile search/apps are changing the internet landscape. For example: Amazon has an app titled “Amazon remembers” where you can scan any bar code and it will automatically display the product on Amazon so you can read reviews or perhaps purchase the product through them instead.

Experience maps are also helping to change the internet landscape by showing users what activities/services are available within their area to help them decide what to do – stay home vs. going out – and how difficult (distance + other factors) it would be to get there.

Conclusion – 3 things we need to do to make search better

  1. Need to pay obsessive attention to detail
  2. See the big picture, look ahead and embrace new ideas
  3. Re-framing the problem and innovating along the way