The Art of Marketing

Digital channels have allowed us to make marketing so much more of a science. With web analytics we can accurately measure the success and reach of our campaigns through metrics such as views, clicks, time on site, and impressions.

But so many purchasing decisions are emotional ones, so it’s important that we remember how to approach marketing as an art.

Well, The Art of Marketing conference is coming to Montreal and NVI can offer you a promo code to save $50 on registration. With its roster of world-class marketersand best selling authors (such as Seth Godin and Avinash Kaushik), it promises to be a day of great insight from some of the best in the business.

So register here to save $50 on your ticket.

If you can’t make it, NVI will be there live blogging and trying to interview as many of the speakers on video as we can. But if you still haven’t made up your mind, maybe this clip will help sway you.

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