NVI blog revamped (about time!)

NVI has been so overwhelmed by our organic growth (we’ve been doubling in employees every year since we started the company) that we never really had the time to setup our English blog… until now :)

I’m so glad this is happening. Julie Babin did an amazing job with Julien Roudaut to get this blog up and the rest of the dev team (including Marie-Eve Bournival and Alexandre Bussières) did worked like crazy to get this up and running.

And now, it’s up to everyone at NVI to keep this blog alive… We’ve been very quiet over the last few years (besides a strong presence in 2006-2007 on SEOmoz.org and since 2007 on Go-Referencement.org), and we intend to participate more in the industry to help it grow and help it defines itself as time goes and Google refines it’s algorithmn.

You will see several NVI disciplines covered by our posts and we will challenge ourselves to bring you the finest explanations, tips, guides and how to’s to get your business or your expertise and skills to the next level.

We expect anyone interested in the field to participate and challenge every subject we approach here. We are friends with everyone who respects our industry and expect “common sense” to be a second nature.

Please recommend us any improvements and give us your feedback

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