Live Blogging SES Toronto 2009: Search Ads & Landing Page Clinic

Moderator: Anne Kennedy, SES Advisory Board & Managing Partner and Founder, Beyond Ink

Bryan Eisenberg, SES Advisory Board & Co-Founder, Future Now, Inc.
Mona Elesseily, Director of Marketing Strategy, Page Zero Media

Does your PPC ad make a promise that your landing page can’t keep? Make sure that your ad copy and landing page contents are in alignment to ensure a smooth and profitable visitor experience. This clinic will examine actual ads and landing pages offered up by volunteers from the audience.

Several attendees had their ad copy and landing pages critiqued by the two speakers. After the first and second critiques, things slowed down and got pretty redundant. Some useful takeaways but the constructive criticism should have at least included what these webmasters and campaign managers are doing right, not just highlight all the wrong.

The tips below are what I distilled from the critiques of the websites and PPC ads of one attendee whose company sells, among other things, Father’s Day gifts; one selling training sessions for handling (I think) hazardous materials; and a company selling customized checks.

Do’s and don’ts for PPC ads:

  • Don’t include your company brand name the headline (unless, say, you’re already a household name). This is a mistake lots of brands make… assuming that the potential customer already knows you. Instead, use your most important keywords in headline and description
  • Structure of ad groups. Make sure everything is granular. Create ad copy that speaks to the keywords in the ad group, and landing pages that speak to both those keywords and ad text. Entice the searcher, get them to your site… follow-up with your landing page

And for landing pages:

  • Images should be clickable
  • Product images should be large
  • Show popular products first on page
  • Always have important stuff above the fold (obviously)
  • Make sure ad text matches what’s on landing page
  • Focus on exactly what trying to sell (don’t inundate searcher with too many options
  • Specific landing pages for your campaigns, ad groups
  • Don’t use horizontal lines on page to separate content (searcher will think it’s the end of page; nothing more to see)

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