SES Toronto 2010 Live Blogging: Search Ads & Landing Page Clinic

Moderator: Bryan Eisenberg

Noran El-Shinnawy, Internet Marketing Manager Acquisio
Mona Elesseily, Dicrector of Marketing Strategy, Page Zero Media

The motto for the talk is PPC = Pay Per Conversation. This lecture is designed to troubleshoot problems members of the audience are having with their PPC ads & campaigns. The session has a pretty relaxed tone so I’ll try to just focus on key points that stand out and leave out the specific examples due to lack of illustration:

  • 1. Stay consistent between your ad text and the text on the landing page. Your landing page needs to have the same key phrases and keywords you use in your ad text so people know where to go next.
  • 2. White-spaces around the fold can lead users to believe there’s no content below
  • 3. Don’t have competing calls to action
  • 4. Use thank-you pages to upsell
  • 5. Security assurance. If you’re landing page has a form, make sure you can assure users that the information is secure and won’t be sold to a 3rd party.
  • 6. Make the point of focus on the landing page obvious.
  • 7. If your site is experiencing technical difficulties make sure you pause your campaigns to avoid wasting money
  • 8. Play to your strengths but don’t make the conversation all about yourself. Include the user in your ad text.
  • 9. Use specific terms. Broad superlative terms waste space and don’t actually tell the user about you. Terms like “best”, “extensive”, “amazing” etc.
  • 10. People who arrive to your landing page as a result of a local search can benefit from having local images and maps.
  • 11. If the landing page doesn’t look professional or the design doesn’t look current you’ll be negatively impacting your possibility for conversations.

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