Bryan Eisenberg Discusses SEO & Conversions

We were at SES Toronto 2010 last week, and Bryan Eisenberg was one the people we got a chance to sit down and chat with. In this first half of our chat with him, Bryan discusses how SEO tactics can not only help with rankings, but improve conversions once users are on the site.

The three main points Bryan covers are:

  • Page Titles: a call-to-action in page titles will attract more targeted users in the SERPs and re-assure them once they’ve clicked through to the page.
  • Headers: breaking up your content with headers that are keyword focused reduced friction, letting users more easily understand the page.
  • Page Copy: building copy around the actual keywords that users actually searched for to find the page make the page feel more relevant to users.

Bryan was part of several sessions as a moderator, panelist, or solo presenter. His solo presentation was called 21 Secrets to Top Converting Websites.

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