Leona Hobbs on Search & Social Media at SMX Toronto 2010

While at SMX Toronto, we got to catch up with with Leona Hobbs, the Director of Communications at the Social Media Group. Leona was one of the panelists on one of the sessions we live blogged, called Search and Social Media: Insight and Inspiration.

After her session, Leona agreed to sit down with us for a quick chat. In this video, we discuss where she sees search marketing and social media intersecting, and what opportunity there is at that intersection for brands and marketers.

Also, here are a few points that she brought up during her session:

Reputation Management: If you’re not identifying and resolving issues and customer complaints online, Google will make sure that unfavorable reviews are found again and again. So addressing issues as they arise in the social sphere through the sphere is paramount to keeping a clean online reputation.

Seeding with Influencers:
 Don’t think about it as paying to place content with influencers, but to place it with Google. In other words, don’t drive to sales, drive to engagement.

Social Object: A social object is what people socialize around, so it can be a link, a video, etc.

Conversational Marketing: There are two ways to scale your social media plan, one it time, and the other is money. When you plan around time, what you do is instead of placing a display ad, you place “earned” or “owned” media. While earned media might be coverage by an influencer, owned media would be a piece of viral content that was successful across one or more social channels. This is why conversation marketers need to interface with search marketers more.

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