Optimizing WordPress for Search & Social at Wordcamp Montreal

Today we gave a presentation at Optimizing WordPress for Search and Social. The goal of this presentation was to explore how to optimize WordPress blogs/sites for both Search and Social Media.

First we looked at the fundamentals of onsite SEO, including page structure and duplicate content, and what themes and plugins can help you address these issues. Then we considered integrating WordPress with Facebook Connect, and plugins that can with that integration.

Below is our presentation, as well as some links to the themes and plugins that we discussed during the presentation.

Optimizing WordPress for Search & Social

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SEO Themes & Plugins for WordPress

Thesis Theme — I actually use this theme to power my personal blog. It isn’t a free them, but it offers many user-friendly SEO and web design options that make it well worth the $87 it costs.

Genesis Theme — We haven’t test out this theme yet ourselves, but Chris Brogan uses it, so it can’t be that bad. Also, before Chris moved to Genesis, he used Thesis. So if it’s good enough for Chris, it’s probably good enough for the rest of us. Genesis sells for $60.

All in One SEO Pack — This is a free SEO plugin for WordPress. It will also get you about 3/4 of what Thesis or Genesis will get you.

MembersWing Plugin — This plugin allows you to implement Google’s First-Click-Free, which allows Google to index restricted content behind a registration wall. There are both free and paid versions, but we haven’t tested either of them out ourselves just yet.

Facebook Connect WordPress Plugins

Here is the list of plugins that we discussed during our presentation. You might want to try to integrate Facebook Connect with WordPress.

  • Simple Facebook Connect — I’ve personally tested this one out, and it gets you just about everything that Facebook Connect has to offer. However, it doesn’t always play well with every theme.
  • Faux Facebook Connect — This plugin allows users to comment on a WordPress blog using their Facebook credentials.
  • Gigya Socializer — This one is designed to help increase site registration and engagement by using a number of social ID APIs, including Facebook Connect, MySpaceID, Twitter and OpenID.

This, of course, isn’t an exhaustive list. If you want to shop around a bit more, you might also want to check out this list of 12 Facebook Plugins for Bloggers.

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