PCTO2011 Session: Drinking Kool-Aid, Peeing Snake-Oil

This afternoon, I delivered a session at Podcamp Toronto 2011 called Drinking Kool-Aid, Peeing Snake-Oil. This presentation was the product of bookmarking some of the most interesting stats I’ve come across over the last 6 months.

Essentially, this presentation is slide after slide of stats on how search, social media, and online advertising has evolved and is expected to evolves. Here’s the official description from the Podcamp Website.

In this session, we will explore some of the latest data & trends in both search and social media. Users (i.e. attendees) will be confronted with both the exciting and cold, hard realities of the digital space.

From Google to Facebook Connect, we’ll look at how users are actually using the web, and what they’re doing with it. Takeaway will include (1) insight into some of the biggest opportunities online, and (2) a whole bunch of numbers that users can steal for their own client pitches.

My conclusions is, simply, that social media is having an incredible impact on how search marketing is evolving. Specifically, social media is changing SERPs if only because they’ve created yet another layer of rich data through which we can determine both the (1)popularity and (2) personal relevance of any content. Here’s the slideshow:

Drinking Kool-Aid, Peeing Snake-Oil

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