Search Engine Drinking Games?

The following are a set of drinking games for anyone to play, with some extra games specifically for SEOs. Since many rely on search suggestion, and since search suggestions are customized to users’ past searches, make sure you’re not signed in under any Google account when you begin the game.

For each round, winning can mean anything, drinking-wise, depending on how heavy a game you want to play. The winner could be able to make another player take a shot/drink, or the rule can be that everyone except the winner has to take a shot/drink, or any combination or exaggerations that you want to work out on a round-by-round or game-by-game basis. You decide the consequences.

The games below are simply designed to bring about a winner, or a loser. In the loser case, the situation is easier; whoever loses takes a drink.

Be safe, have fun, and please drink responsibly!

Games For Anyone

Search Suggestions

The core of this game is to offer predictions as to what suggestions Google will offer to complete a search query as it is typed.

One player declares a letter they will type first. Each player writes down 5 searches they think Google will recommend for that letter. Once the letter is typed, and the suggestions are revealed, the person who has the most guesses included in the suggestions wins. You might want to let the winner distribute an amount of drinks equal to the amount of correct guesses. A variation is to not bother writing anything down, and have everyone shout out their one guess. Whoever’s guess is highest in the list, wins.

The winner of the first round decides the next character for the next round, adding characters and extending the search with each step of play.

A variation follows this same process, but instead of character by character, the search extends by word increments. A fun way to play this one is with first names, under single round games to guess at which person is suggested highest for that name – usually a celebrity.

No More Results

A player searches for a word, in quotation marks. This yields a certain number of search results. The player to the left then adds another word within the quotation marks, bringing about a reduced number of search results. This continues until a player adds a new word that brings about zero search results. That player loses. It is best if people cannot see actual search results as they play this game, or they will pick a phrase from the snippets that is likely to only have one result.

Note: In most character-driven game variations, a space will contribute nothing, and in this particular case, it’s an easy way to add a character without actually changing the query. As such, you may want to declare that a space must be followed by an alphanumeric character.

Games For SEOs

Volume Guesser/CPC Guesser

Fire up the Google Keyword Tool. A player declares which word or phrase they will search, and each player guesses the exact anticipated monthly volume for that phrase. Additionally, or instead, players can guess the Avg CPC.

Winning and losing can be determined as:

a) Whoever guesses closest wins
b) Whoever guesses closest without going over wins
c) Whoever guesses most incorrectly loses

Guess the TBPR

A player chooses a site to visit (either via random search query, a guessed domain, anything). By looking at only the home page, each player has to guess the toolbar PR of that home page. Players take an amount of drinks equal to how far off they are from the correct total.

Note: For this game, n/a counts as 0.

A variation can be played with mozRank, rounding up to the nearing whole number.

Other Geeky Games

Taken or Not
A player chooses a random phrase. Another player then has to guess whether that phrase followed by .com is a registered domain or not. If they guess wrong, they take a drink. Variations can include .net and .org guesses as well.
Thanks Dawn Wentzell for the suggestion!

More Games

Have any suggestions for more Google Drinking Games? Let us know in the comments, and we’ll add them in!

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