SMX New York Day 1: Content Crazy

Managed to party a little too hardy our first night in New York which caused me to be slightly tardy for SMX’s first day. I walked into my first lecture just after the halfway mark.

Duplicate Content Issues: The Search Engine Edition

I entered the lecture during the Q&A portion of the presentation where Danny Sullivan was relaying questions from the audience to the panel. The panel consisted of Joachim Kupke flying the flag for Google, Sasi Parthasarathy of Bing and the ever-quiet Cris Perry of Yahoo. The first question was from Danny Sulivan himself where he asked what google was going to do about sites with copied content that rank better than the sites with the original content. Joachim says there are safeguards in place and that Google’s analysis of the link profile solves this. *Cough*…yeah, sure it does. Danny still wasn’t convinced Google was able to distinguish between the two in a really effective way. Yahoo and Bing had no comment.

Danny voiced his concerns about social sites outranking the content that was submitted to them in Google. He offered his very own solutions which would involve making the social site return as a sub-return of the original article in Google. A silence falls over the panel.

A question was asked from the audience about content syndication, a very similar question to the one Danny posed earlier but was more specific to news sites. Again, no one in the panel had an answer.

Once the Q&A session closed up, Kupke went in-depth about a canonical page. All the info is available on Google’s site.

High point of the lecture: Danny poked fun at the Yahoo’s and Bing’s front page design and joked that in 1 year, Google would follow suit just as Bing did with

Copywriting for Search Success

Jill Whalen of & Heather Lloyd-Martin drive the point home that ‘content is king’. They emphasized the importance of making content for users first and search engins second. They insist optimizing for 1 key phrase is not the way to go.

Quickfire Highlights

  • The best SEO is good content
  • Good content helps build your brand
  • Good content enables you to build up a community following
  • Increases your linkability
  • A good copywriter will want to know about your brand, customers & your audience

Overall, day 1 of SMX was off to a bit of a slow start but based off a lot of the talk around here, tomorrow promises to a big improvement.

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