Top Social Media Strategies session at HostingCon

The difficulty when speaking at conferences is to select and present the best content within a 15 to 20 minutes time-frame. I thought it would be great to drop some content related to our presentation at HostingCon 2009 for the marketing track this Wednesday August 12th.The Session is called Top Social Media Strategies and we’ve been asked to present marketing opportunites using social news site and social bookmarking site Stumble Upon.

Marketing on Social Media News Sites
Besides promoting your brand, products and services, social sites will bring you tons of traffic and incredible exposure, the real purpose of the exercise is to work on what Google considers as one of the most important criterea to rank your website: your popularity. In fact, getting a page of your site promoted on a popular social site can result in hundreds of links pointing to your web site. By attracting many relevant backlinks your level of popularity is expected to grow and by definition, your rankings should increase.

The Big Players: and StumbleUpon
Alexa ranks Digg at the 113 spot on their list of the most popular sites. Digg stands just before New York Times site (#115), (#166), (#229) and (#260). The social site offers a live aggregation of the day’s best content. While anybody can suggest and submit a page (an image, a video or an article) to the site, it’s up to the users to decide whether or not your content should be live or die. As for StumbleUpon, the site allows user to download a toolbar to rate and review random sites based on user’s preferences and browsing history.

Who uses these social sites?
As for their users, they tend to be more educated, successfull and passionated. Digg’s average user lives in a major city in the States, goes (or went) to college and browse with Firefox.
While some users will quickly read the content, others will enjoy sharing interesting stories and other members of the community will interact, leave comments and get involved with the community. Please also note that most of the users don’t like their time wasted, and have little patience for commercial contents.

Strategy and SEO Considerations
There are a few things to consider before even thinking aboutdoing Social Media Optimization (SMO). You can start by asking you these questions:




Measuring Social Media Optimization Success
Finally one of the best way to measure if your effort has been successfull or not would be to calculate the number of new backlinks attracted from the social media push. You can use Yahoo Site Explorer tools to find out how many sites were linking to you before and after the social push.

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