Hub & Spoke Social Media Strategy – Gregg Tilston Interview

This is the second part of our interview with Gregg Tilston, the man in charge of SEO and Social Media for In this clip, Gregg gets down to business and discusses how is using social media to drive traffic back to their site. He describes their strategy as being analogous to the airline’s industry hub & spoke system, with the blog serving as the hub, and a variety of offsite social media profiles (such as Twitter and YouTube) serving as the spokes. Just as in the airline industry, the spokes feed traffic back to the hub.

We caught up with Gregg at Podcamp Toronto 2010, and (appropriately) filmed this second half of our interview on day two. lets users shop around for vacation packages that include everything form cheap flights and hotel bookings to adventure tours. They also have more than 160 brick & mortar shops throughout British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Nova Scotia, so that their customers can actually walk into a real store and meet with an actual travel agent if they need that extra customer service.

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