New Lead Generation Models: Social-Mobile-Viral — ASE 2010 Live Blogging

This sessions was delivered by Declan Dunn, CEO, DunnDirectMedia. Everything following this italicized paragraphed is a recap of Declan’s own presentation.

Online marketing has become mainstream and hit the flat part of the bell curve. But everyone keeps doing the same old thing. The new lead generation model, though, is social, mobile, and viral.

The New Sales Process: How to Turn Friends into Fans & Customers

With social, the customers are in control. So the trick is finding a way to monetize why users are already there (not drive people to your monetization scheme). A “friend” is in the attitude with which you approach them. In social, they’re not ready to buy.

With mobile, it’s about reaching quality audiences wherever they are.

With viral, you have to remember that people aren’t eyeballs, they’re “friends” — bringing us back to them not being ready to buy yet. Overall, it’s about moving people from the world where they’re connecting, and moving them into the world where they’re buying. Essentially, you don’t want them in Facebook. You want them in your social network.

Start by building the audience, then consider how to monetize it. If you’re trying to build it within the “squeeze” of monetization, it will never scale because you’ll be trying to force an organic community into a pre-existing business model. Rather than letting the community develop and then matching a monetization model that’s appropriate for the community’s dynamic.

This is where email becomes important again. Ads and promotions have no place within the community itself. But community members receive email notification for just about everything that happens withing the community. And it’s a lot more appropriate to promote something within that email than it is to do so through the community itself.

So with social, even though customers are in control, you can harness them. Focus on their narrative about your product. Keep your users happy and at center stage, and let them refer their friends (rather than trying to build your audience directly yourself). Have fun, and as your users enjoy the community, they’ll invite others to join.

It’s all about monetizing intent. Once the community is there with its own intentions, build a monetization around that by lending value to that community. Find a way to make referral commissions based on tipping the community off on what they’ve showed interest in.

Mobile: Move Beyond Hype in Your Copy and Invoke Curiosity to Reach Quality Audiences.

Your mobile audience is not captive. They are not tied to a desktop.

More importantly, there’s not a lot of screen space with mobile, so banners and ad copy just don’t work. So the magic word become “download.” MP3s and micro-content work on every smartphone. So either charge only a few bucks for micro-content or use a free download as a lead-gen tool.

Overall, it’s about (1) referral, and (2) making users feel good. The question becomes: how can we sell to pleasure?

To App or Not To App?

You can simply increase page views to mobile phones by optimizing it all for mobile phones. Take WordPress or MovableType apps, for instance — they’re a great way to instantly adapt all your content for mobile devices.

The Capabilities
These are the things we can do with mobile that capitalize on the “fun/pleasure” experience of mobile:

  • Click to Mobile Web
  • Click to Call — this is huge, with 5-10% conversion increases; it works because people like getting calls; it works because it’s “fun”
  • Click to Video — this is easy, and also fun, because it piques the user’s curiosity, giving the user instant entertainment; but make sure the videos are entertaining, and hire talent to achieve this if you must
  • Click to SMS
  • Click to Locate
  • Click to Buy
  • Click to Storyboard

Who’s Mobile Working For?

  • Games — wither (1) find a game, and put your ads in the game, or (2) make it a game by getting users to tell their stories and share them with their network
  • Retail — coupons, in general, are huge
  • Financial Services
  • Automobile Info/Services
  • Coupons for Food — these are very popular while already in the grocery store.

All in all, we’re still in the early stages, so there’s still time to build your audience, and monetize it afterwards. And while doing so, ask the right question, and don’t as 20 of them. Keep it down to about 3 questions, and if you can, keep them to yes or no questions so that users see less of an incentive to lie.

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