SMX Day 2 – Social Media Madness Part 2

ModeratorAndrew Goodman, Founder and Principal, Page Zero Media Chris Copeland

John Antognoli, Senior Director, Account Management, M80
Chris Copeland, CEO, GroupM Search, The Americas
Graham Mudd, Vice President Search & Media, comScore, Inc.

This really marks the first real social media focused session at SMX East I’ve been to thus far and as an added bonus, John Antognoli was on the panel.

The talk starts off with Andrew Goodman stepping down as moderator and joining the audience as Chris Copeland takes his spot. Chris begins his presentation with contrasting media delivery and media discovery. Chris brings up a slide titled Consideration Funnel(top to bottom): Awareness, Consideration, Performance, Action, Loyalty. Chris then goes on to explain the difference between Paid, Owned & Earned forms of media. Owned & Earned vs Paid.

Graham takes to the podium to continue the point that owned & earned media has better ROI than paid. He brings up a graph that forecast’s a 100% increase in company investment in search marketing & social media marketing efforts from 2010 to 2014. Sounds optimistic but by my approximation that sounds about right. Social users have a higher tendancy to be heavy searchers. According to Graham, social users are a very desirable segment of users to market to because they tend to be very interested in the content they’re searching. Social users spend 3 times as much time online as the average user. Chris adds that social users are more informed than the average internet user.

Graham explains how his research found that paid search and social media blended well in increasing overall performance & brand awareness. Using social to leverage brand name searches seems to really compliment paid search. Also targeting product attributes or specifications were found to be benefitial to a campaign overall. John chimes in to explain that their research found that social influenced paid campaigns almost doubled click-through rates compared to paid only.

Engaging users at the awareness and consideration stage has a big effect on whether the user will convert.

John suggests that social media promoters and campaigners need to bridge the gap with businesses and branding when offering their services.

The takeaway points are:


  • Have social campaigns coincide and support your clients paid search & SEO efforts
  • The ‘burst’ approach to a social campaign is likely not the best way to compliment your other campaigns.
  • Social campaign results should be more quantifiable


Quick note: These were B to C numbers.

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