SMX East 2009 Recap – Day 2 The Good & The Bad

Admittedly this was my first foray into the whole convention atmosphere and also my first attempt at live blogging. I’d say I had mixed feelings about popping my SMX cherry. With the good and the bad, here’s my recap of the day 2

Session: Real Time Search: Opportunity Or Hype

The Good

This topic was quite interesting. Everyone on the panel was in agreement that real-time search, in it’s present form, is lacking at best. With nearly real-time search returns only coming back in chronological order, each panelist had attempted to come up with a system to filter and rank real-time content.

A lot of the panel had interesting demos of their own real-time search sites that improved upon twitter and facebook’s woeful search returns.

The Bad

With no real definition of real-time, the panel was unable to agree upon what searching content in real-time really meant. Ultimiately if a real-time search option is ever going to work, we’ll need to decide what it actually is first.

Session: The Interplay of Social Media & Paid Search

The Good

The panel spent a great deal of time accumulating data on social users and social campaigns and was able to come up with demonstrative numbers that really support the use of social media.

There were some very interesting points brought up about the cooperation and interplay between SEM, SEO and SMO that I think many companies and agencies often overlook. There was hard data that proved supporting SEM and SEO efforts with a social media campaign could yield extremely benfitial results.

Based on their forecast, SEM and SMO use will double in the next 4 years which is certainly good news for everyone at SMX.

The Bad

Nothing really bad to say about it, good presentation all around.

Session: Video Search Marketing Beyond YouTube

The Good

While I already knew quite a bit about video content, it was interesting to hear that the time users are willing to spend watching a single video clip was decreasing every year.

We’re really in a golden age, SEO and SMO wise, for video content. If you apply basic seo principles when optimizing your video page you’re very likely to rank much higher than any text equivilant.

It really drove the point home to me that the use of video content in SMO is definitely the way to go when you consider the current state of indexation.

The Bad

Since a lot of basic SEO knowledge gets you far in the video realm, the speakers were forced to say many of the same things.

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