SES Toronto : Monetizing your Audience Site Clinic

1. Information on the foldover not properly used

2. Really slow load time

McDerment asks: what is your target audience? What is it about your brand that beats the competition

Customers are small to medium retail stores. Price and and Design is what makes them different.

Who you are, what you do, and what you matter should be the first thing people see about your brand.

Slegg: Green Ad the left is too noisy and deters attention.  The banner should show more details about particular products.  Images have watermark from another domain name.  Also they affect conversion negatively.  People aren’t necessarily going to steal images of display stands.

Segal: why is the Watermark a different domain? he explains its a

McDermet:  do you have studies that people are purchasing this online?  He suggests a lead generation model which may be more efficient.  Apparently 70% of total sales on site are from call-ins.

Segal:  So maybe the phone number should be more prominent.  Show the products in context.

McDermet: remove ecommerce may increase sales… force people to call.

Business:  Online directory for Retirement communities homes.  While he describes his business we hear a video which has started playing on the home page. 😛  They drive leads to their members (retirement homes).  Revenue model is for placement listing for retirement homes and very little advertising.

McDerment: very clar on the home page what the website does. says most visits are internal landing pages coming from SERPS.

Slegg: Some articles and content do not fit with the site’s subject.

it ends up that the article is a paid advertisement.

Slegg: sticks out like a sore thumb. It can even trigger a penalty in Google.

McDerment: Who is the target customer?  Is it the families looking to place an elder? is it the elder person themself?

Its Both

MdDerment: Ok so maybe you can segment the info and copy for both markets.

Slegg: You can do beter placement than those types of articles.  The wordst performing spot for adsense… Less wider border.

MdDerment:  Target aMcDerment: dvertisers for that specific group.  Some advertisers can actually add value to the site.

Segal: who provides content?

Inhouse content writers they do it for SEO.  Its exclusive content.

Slegg: explains concept of dupe content.

McDerment: There is no signup for real “clients” which are the retirement homes.  They should be able to convert on site.  They have a couple of links but its not “Call to action” enough”

Canada’s largest provider of Salsa Instructions.  1000 people are taught Salsa a month.  They do a lot of Social.

Slegg: Home page is Suuuuper long.  Content gets diluted with such a long scrolldown.

They A/B Tested and they rank #1 for what they wanted.

Slegg: you have dupe content because all articles are in home page… (I dont agree, its like a blog format actually and many people don’t do “more” function on WordPress)

McDerment:  There shouldn’t be more than 7 nav chunks on top bar… use secondary navigation instead.  Font is hard to read, all links are 2 words.  Almost all navigation I would reducce to one Kw: “schedule” instead of  “class schedule”

Segal: I would do excerpts on the home page of articles but not the whole article.  Shorten the home page.

MdDerment: I would feel comfortable booking a lesson here, which is a huge WIM! images are authentic lookeing etc.

Slegg: Have you checked Google Cache?  I can’t check it coz people have been bad from this IP address tee hee 😛  I wouldn’t be surprised if internal pages arent indexed…

McDerment: primary purpose of site is lead generation… I havent seen a phone number or a quick contact form.

Any suggestions for making it more “male oriented”?

McDerment: get a discount if you bring a man, etc.   Testimonials are Awesome you should have more and show guys more prominently in images.

Business: Affiliate Model and adsense is the source of revenue.  Descriptions of products are uniquely created by company.

McDerment: Title Tags could be fixed.  He’s impressed with the domain name.

Slegg: “Phone comparison and reviews” suggested as Title tag.. but suggests he do keyword research before coming up with a final version.

McDerment: dynamically add title tags for phone products.

Slegg: misunderstood and thought McDerment meant each page load adds different title tags… not the case. Almost had a fight!!

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