Avinash Kaushik on Analytics & Failing Faster

While we were at The Art of Marketing show in Montreal last week, we got a chance to catch up with Avinash Kaushi., the Analytics Evangelist at Google, and author two books: Web Analytics an Hour a Day and Web Analytics 2.0. Avinash gave a great presentation (in my opinion, the best of the day) on how to suck less, but he also took a few minutes to chat with us on camera.

First, Avinash discusses with us the opportunity that marketers have through web analytics. Specifically, he talks about how analytics let us fail faster and then adapt our online strategies to actual market trends more quickly.

Then, Avinash goes on to talk about the what mistakes companies make most often online. Here, he focuses on how so many brands take their offline “shout marketing” methods, and try to implement it online.

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