Make Web Not War Keynote with Joël Perras

Yesterday was the Make Web Not War conference in Montreal. The keynote was presented by Joël Perras (@jperras) and I have to say it was more than interesting.

It was called “Maker of the web” and talked about us the web developers, our users and the state of the web.

photo by motionblur

According to M. Perras, the web is still a child and we’re still not sure of what our goal is with it. It’s like being in the dark and the difference this time is that the flashlight is a little bit bigger than before. In other words, the web offers so many possibilities that are still to be seen that it’s hard to define exactly what the web is.

During the last couple of years, the web evolved so much and changed in so many ways that if you look back at it, you can actually see the trends that we passed by. As of today, with the big interest with mobile technology, the latest trend is minimalism and M. Perras said it well by saying “minimalism is the new black”.

Us, web developers, need to make applications the easiest possible to understand and at the same time, fully featured to please our public. Our users doesn’t care about how and with what we made our web apps since those “non-geek” or “normies” (as labelled by M. Perras) just care about the end product … not how it was made. For myself, I actually don’t think they should care about our process to develop our apps like, for example, we don’t know how a microwave is made but we are still happy to use it.

Also, let’s not kid ourselves, our job is not an easy job and we’re learning new things everyday since the technology moves so fast. Before, we didn’t have to build web apps and think about compatibility with every browser, there was actually a time we would dictate what browsers the users would use to view our work but that time is long gone, today it’s “Interoperability is not a feature, it’s a requirement”.

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