PHP for Enterprise Level Sites – Paul Reinheimer Interview

Meet Paul Reinheimer, the Lead Developer at Mansef. Paul gave a presentation at Confoo last week on PHP development at the enterprise level — i.e. building sites and apps that can handle some serious traffic. We caught up with him after his presentation and Paul took some time to discuss with us what developers should know when building apps at this level. He also shared his thoughts on Microsoft’s recent efforts to support the open-source community.

We asked Paul about Microsoft because we’re currently working on a project with them. It’s called Make Web Not War, and it’s a conference on interoperability that’s taking place May 27th. There is also a contest component called For the Web where developers can win all kinds of prizes for building something in PHP, Python, .NET, or Ruby on a Windows box. Registration is open now. We think it’s going to be a lot of fum

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