Prototyping Web Apps – Guy Barrette Interview

This is Guy Barrette, a .NET developer from Montreal who wears many hats: in addition to being the President of the Montreal .NET Community, he’s also a Microsoft Regional Director for the Montreal region, an MVP for ASP/ASP.NET, and the host of the Visual Studio Talk Show.

We caught up with Guy at Confoo where he gave a presentation on Prototyping. Although his presentation focused on his experience with SketchFlow, he made it clear that the advantages of prototyping can be reaped using an open-source tool, as well. Guy took a few minutes to chat with us, and during our chat, Guy got into just what the benefits of prototyping are. He also touched upon how Microsoft’s position vis a vis open-source technology has changed in recent years. We’re sure you’re going to like Guy as much as we did.

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