Ophthalmologist Salary

How much do Ophthalmologists make?


An ophthalmologist’s salary can vary depending on a lot of different factors and this is something that you need to consider if you’re planning on chasing a career in ophthalmology. Ophthalmologists are a type of medical specialist who focuses on  eye care. They are trained specifically to diagnose and treat all eye conditions. This means that your ophthalmologist is also responsible for prescribing contact lenses including colored contact lenses for daily use as well as eyeglasses.

Ophthalmologists performing surgeryThey shouldn’t be confused with an optmetrist as an ophthalmologist is different. An ophthalmologist goes through more years of studying than an optometrist and becomes a medical doctor that specializes in eye health.  They’re allowed to practice medicine and perform surgical and laser procedures to correct vision.

An optometrist is licensed to practice optometry, not medicine. Optometrists aren’t licensed to perform surgical procedures either.

On the average,  an ophthalmologist’s salary is generally seen in the United States of America to be around $220,000 per year for those that are just starting out and those of median rank get up to $300,000 annually. Experienced and popular Ophthalmologists receive well over $300,000 per year.

In hospitals, an ophthalmologist’s income is also quite different to those that are practicing privately. If you’re just starting out as an ophthalmologist  in a hospital, you can expect to see a salary of around $100,000 to $180,000 according to online statistics.

Becoming an ophthalmologist is a whole different story in regards to the salary, and much like other specialists, you will need to undergo years of study and hurdle a series of exams followed by placement then more studying and certifications. You will need around four years of college, four years of university followed by a year of internship and then you will also need a three year residency with minimum wage at a hospital in order to qualify as an ophthalmologist.

If you’re wondering when people will generally go to see an ophthalmologist, it’s usually for the following issues:

eye pain due to injury


– decreased vision

– distorted eyesight


– eye pain due to injury

– redness

– bulging of the eyes

– misaligned eyes

– double vision

– peripheral vision loss

– eye infections

Patients also visit their ophthalmologists if they need a prescription for comfortable contact lenses that suit their budget.

When someone has to work with all the above issues, you can understand why an ophthalmologist needs to go through heavy schooling and training before they’re qualified. During an examination an ophthalmologist will perform a series of eye tests to check how your vision is and if there’s any issues before providing a diagnosis.

An ophthalmologist’s salary increases as they gain more experience as they are very in demand.