To manage their newsletters, most of our clients, including Evenko, use Courrielleur, which offers great and timely support, an updated platform and basic stats. It especially makes sense for customers with small databases.

shipment management made easy

Courrielleur’s features allow you to effectively manage shipment emails. For example, creating useful statistics will help you quantify your results: from clickthrough rates, complaint rates, percentage of invalid or incorrect email addresses. Your results will even be displayed graphically.

And what about managing mailing lists? Here’s where Courrielleur becomes even more valuable. You have the power to duplicate contacts, manage subscriptions and cancellations, export addresses with improper formatting and more.

validate to perform better and avoid missteps

Validation is also a crucial element when sending emails. This is why Courrielleur allows you, among other things, to carry out a preliminary test before shipment. It also validates for spam and HTML code. This tool provides an overview of send status in the browser, a key step for your campaign!

With Courrielleur, nvi has a strong ally to help streamline your advertising initiatives.