Google Adwords

google adwords

After you’ve chosen your most relevant keywords, Google will rank the ads according to their performance and you will only pay if people click on your ad.

The reports this will generate will allow us to recommend a strategic action plan, including advice about your landing pages.

adwords in a few words

AdWords is Google’s advertising system. You can display targeted ads or banners, based on keywords that users enter into the search box. Ads can also be displayed based on browsing histories.

When a person uses Google, two results lists will be displayed: Google’s results and results from AdWords advertising.

relevance and results

AdWords is highly effective because it can identify user search and navigation habits. It also allows you to better understand the type of visitor profiles that clicked on your ad. Because everything is done in real-time, it is easier to set an advertising budget for different types of campaigns.

more control

This type of implementation has several advantages. First, your site will appear at the top of Google’s search results. Second, the AdWords campaign allows you to customize and control the ad, targeting specifics such as geographic location, distribution time or product type. On top of being easy to use, this advertising tool always helps you to attract new visitors.