NVI only works with the best!

It comes as no surprise that nvi has achieved to secure such an enviable position in the world of Web marketing. By using the most advanced and proven technology for your project, we have everything we need to succeed together and get you the best ROI!

Magento: a proven solution

With Magento, a very powerful ecommerce platform for managing commercial websites, you are in a position to win. To allow many transactions, it is critical to have a dependable server, that will keep running in peak traffic periods. Because what could be worse for a brand than a server that crashes during transactions?

The Magento is a world-class platform.

  • It is a powerful solution with simple and multiple features, the most efficient to manage a transaction-driven site
  • Magento’s spearhead technology is fully secure and modular
  • It has a very energetic community that shares knowledge
  • Store, products, collections, catalogs, cart, payment and delivery: all of it is integrated!
  • Magento is optimized for SEO on search engines