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You’d like to enhance your Web presence, but a corporate or e-commerce website would require too much planning right now for the time you have? Blog creation offers significant visibility for your brand and blog design is usually quicker.

The blog is a space for users to submit information about your products or share their opinions. A blog may also be used to draw attention to your corporate website. nvi‘s team of experts will guide you in exploring the wonderful blog world and leveraging all its benefits for your digital performance.

why not try a few website widgets?

As part of your blog, you can choose to incorporate or create customized widgets that are separate from the blog and can work on any site, much like the Facebook Like button. Widgets are additional content elements, such as a list of the most popular articles, a search form or a Twitter news thread.

everything you need!

Because we use the best blog platform, WordPress, you will benefit from major advantages, such as an excellent protection against spam and smart text formatting.

Tapped In and ExpertIP are among the companies that trust nvi with their blogs.


your content on multiple platforms

Because blogs allow the presentation of content that’s targeted, natural and constantly updated, they represent an important tool to attract a Web audience. And why not take it further with the use of widgets in order to offer the dynamic broadcasting of your content over several platforms simultaneously?

a blog built on strong foundations

Because all Web content should be used as SEO leverage, nvi performs a marketing and SEO analysis before even starting the creation of a blog. This is done in order to identify the most promising themes according to your identified business objectives, and in consequence, implements the SEO tree (best organic search practices) in your new blog.

keyword research

From the SEO audit comes the keyword research, which allows the identification, depending on the targeted themes, of the most relevant and searched keywords to be added to your blog.

content creation and social promotion

Content leads! The experienced writing team at nvi can help you produce quality content for your themes, while accentuating the best SEO practices by using the viral aspect of social media.

social promotion

Usually exclusive and original, a blog article constitutes a particularly efficient piece of content to share on social media networks to attract a larger audience to your blog, and attract users to share your content and participate.

information broadcasting through widgets

In terms of content broadcasting, widgets are another efficient tool allowing you to relay existing content to different broadcasting platforms. In order to attract visitors, a widget allows you to circulate information through your various Web presences while at the same time promoting its organic search.


increasing conversions

Increasing the conversions of your objectives on a blog or a widget involves a combination of many factors. First on the content level, followed by the information structure level, the design and then by the continuous observation of user behaviour.

tailored information structure

Based on the marketing audit, nvi establishes an information structure that is adapted to the blog’s conversion objectives. Each information structure is combined with the best usability features and seeks to put a logical trail in place for the user to arrive to the action identified as a conversion.

design of a unique wordpress theme

Because the design has a decisive impact on your message and the credibility attributed to your blog, at the beginning of every project, nvi performs creative research and proposes a unique theme that’s up to par with your image and ambitions. WordPress technology even offers the power to easily change themes without having to modify content.

development of your wordpress platform

According to set objectives, nvi ensures the development is performed with the best practices for your WordPress platform: you can count on a solid, evolving and easy-to-use blog. 

configuration of your plugins to support your objectives

The WordPress platform offers a very large number of easy-to-generate plugins, allowing you to easily moderate your blog. If no plugins for your specific needs, nvi can create custom ones. They can be used for many purposes, from plugins allowing collaborative content editing, to form plugins, and multilingual management.

maintenance of your blog

Because technology is constantly evolving, it is essential to keep your blog up to date, in order to ensure the best performance of your platform and its plugins, and also to maintain a high level of security for your WordPress

Develop Loyalty

retain and engage

Because they are used to build communities, blogs and widgets are tools of choice for creating loyalty and engagement in an audience. A guaranteed snowball effect with nvi’s proven tactics!

continued interaction development

Thanks to WordPress plugins, several tools are at your disposal to interact with your audience: allow them, for example, to post a comment about an article, participate in a survey, or even organize an event online! You can even go as far as offering user access to your visitors so that they can create a profile within your community. The nvi team can help you in this process by managing your community and by supporting you in the development of new plugins.

optimization of your content

nvi guides you in your strategy by proposing to watch your content, to better optimize it over time, whether it be in terms of targeted themes, the actual article content, or the best SEO practices to implement.

syndication of your content

As part of a retention strategy, nvi offers you the development of specific tools to allow you to offer subscription to your content via an RSS stream or a subscription to a newsletter.

tools used for this service

Google Analytics
nvi is an expert when it comes to GA, an extremely useful and free tool to determine what will make your site more successful.
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