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conversion optimization

Getting quality traffic on your website is good. When these consumers convert others, who perfectly match your target audience, well, that’s just icing on the cake isn’t it?

So, each visit allows you to gain profitability. By always focusing on reaching higher profitability for your digital efforts, our team looks at your market’s characteristics, your typical clients, and your business objectives to create the most attractive landing page.

As well, by examining information about your current visitors, and by establishing what drives them to visit your site more often and for longer periods of time, to ultimately become your client, nvi determines the most appropriate strategy as regards navigation.


positive is contagious

If a site is user-friendly, if the overall experience is positive, users will share it with their acquaintances, which will increase the attraction of your site, as well as its reputation.

the architecture

At the beginning of a new project, or during a recast proposal for a site that is in need of it, we will model the complete structure of the site. This structure defines the relations between the main pages, the secondary pages and the different modules.

user experience design and prototyping

Based on recognized ergonomic principles, our team will develop a model of all the pages, the skeleton of the pages that will be created during the project. Using wireframes, we present the structure of the pages, how the different elements will be arranged on the page and how the different pages will interact during any given situation.

This will help avoid ad lib during design and will show, in an easy-to-understand environment, the different elements of the project and their interactions. This way, you can give your opinion well before the integration process and share your expertise on customers so that we can make the necessary modifications quickly, while reducing the impact on the budget and production calendar.



Surprisingly, “converting” is the main focus of conversion optimization. Surprised? Us too!

All irony aside, nvi has developed several tools to optimize visitors’ experience on your current or upcoming site. Attracting visitors to your site is only part of the work. It’s important to convert them based on your objectives, and nvi is able to help you achieve this.

conversion audit and ergonomic review

Based on best practices, usability standards, statistical analyses and the best principals for human-computer interfaces, we will review existing websites and make a list of recommendations to improve user experience on the site.

workflow analysis

Usually performed at the same time as the ergonomic review, the flow analysis allows us to model current conversion procedures and look at how we can streamline the path towards conversion for users.

multivariate tests or a/b tests

Claiming that we build perfect conversion pages on the first try would be pretentious. For reasons sometimes unclear, sometimes the perfect page in theory actually converts very badly into practice. By making small modifications to texts or images, we can get surprising results. This is why we put tools in place, such as Google Analytics Experiments, to test the different variables of a page and evaluate, in collaboration with the Web analytics team, which version performs best and why.

Develop Loyalty

good methods to be retained

Use conversion optimization methods to provide a user experience that is more and more pleasant and thus retain your audience. 

tools used for this service

Google Analytics
nvi is an expert when it comes to GA, an extremely useful and free tool to determine what will make your site more successful.

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