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we provide the tools, you have the control

The corporate website or corporate blog is a very effective way of giving detailed information about your company and promoting the development of a positive and sustainable relationship with your clients.

Through our content management tool, you can easily make changes without affecting the site’s main structure.

The nvi talent machine not only has the most advanced digital marketing tactics, it also has created ingenious in-house tools designed according to leading-edge technology. Cloud CMS, characterized by remarkable flexibility and intuitive management capabilities, allows us to reach new heights in terms of complexity and performance for your corporate social media efforts.

nvi provides you with a range of other options that are tailored to your needs. Whether your corporate web design project requires a complex structure, including several modules and content languages, or a simpler concept, our friendly specialists will have useful advice for you and the means to brilliantly execute your plan.

one thing on our mind: results!

Getting the best ROI for you is our priority, so our digital strategists obviously leverage SEO best practices in search engines, in order to get plenty of traffic for your corporate blog.

Like Multi-Prêts, New Millennium, Novodos and many other renowned organizations, trust nvi to design and manage your corporate website and make it a destination of choice for the web’s growing audience.


strategy at the heart of your website

A website does not simply consist of a nice design and value-adding features. Its content must be at the center of a well-thought-out marketing strategy and consequently, have all the elements to drive traffic generated by relevant information for your business.

a blog built on strong foundations

Because all Web content should be used as SEO leverage, nvi performs a marketing and SEO analysis before even starting the creation of a blog. This is done in order to identify the most promising themes according to your identified business objectives, and in consequence, implement the SEO tree (best organic search practices) in your new blog.

keyword research

From the SEO audit comes the keyword research, which allows the identification, depending on the targeted themes, of the most relevant and searched keywords to be added to your blog.

create specific landing pages

For the promotion of a specific event or in the context of a PPC campaign, for example, directing a specific audience to dedicated landing pages within your website can be very profitable.


maximizing conversion

Because your website is used as leverage for your marketing and commercial objectives, it should allow you to maximize online conversion. nvi can help you with this process thanks to the appropriate strategic plan and tailored functionalities.

tailored information structure

Basing itself on the marketing audit, nvi establishes an information structure based on the blog’s conversion objectives. Every information structure is combined with the best usability features and seeks to put a logical trail in place for the user to arrive to the action identified as a conversion.

design to serve your blog

Because design has a decisive impact on your message and the credibility attributed to your blog, nvi performs creative research and proposes a unique theme that’s up to par with your image and ambitions at the beginning of every project. WordPress technology even offers the power to easily change themes without having to modify content.

website development with cloud cms

For the development of complex corporate sites, nvi proposes that the development of your platform be done with our content management system Web Cloud CMS. Benefit from dynamic features, which are constantly being improved to implement your new digital platform. For specific needs, nvi can equally develop tailored functions.

site development with wordpress

For smaller websites, nvi proposes that they be developed with the WordPress platform. According to the set objectives, nvi ensures the development is performed with the best practices for your WordPress platform: you can count on a solid, evolving and easy-to-use blog.

maintenance of your platform

Because technology is constantly evolving, it is essential to keep your blog up-to-date, in order to ensure the best performance of your platform and to make it progressively evolve alongside your objectives.

Develop Loyalty

how to retain your clients

Getting customers to visit your website is only the first step! Retaining your customers allows you to obtain more information on them, to multiply business opportunities and exposure for your brand. Here are some examples of practices to adopt in order to help retain your customers.

analytics tool implementation

nvi will conduct a full Analytics audit according to your objectives and, if necessary, of your existing installation, in order to establish the ideal configuration for the collection of relevant data to reach your objectives and deepen your knowledge of your visitor’s behaviour. You will then be in a better position to serve them.

synchronization with your external management systems

Your Web platform can be completely integrated with other management systems to improve the performance of your different marketing channels. For example, you can synchronize newsletter subscriptions created on your site with your newsletter system to automatically build the mailing list.

continuous development of content and functionality

Thanks to the modular structure of Cloud CMS, several tools are at your disposal to improve the performances of your site. nvi additionally guides you in the development of your content strategy, to better optimize it over time, whether it be in terms of targeted themes, the information presented or even the best SEO practices to put in place on your pages.

tools used for this service

Google Analytics
nvi is an expert when it comes to GA, an extremely useful and free tool to determine what will make your site more successful.

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