Display Advertising

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what is display advertising?

This is the term that is used to describe a type of digital marketing that usually contains text, one or several logos, images or pictures, location maps, banner advertising and other similar items. In print publications, the ad may appear on the same page of or on a page adjacent to relevant editorial content. As for classified ads, they appear in a section that is separate from the content, in text format only.

what nvi can do for you 

Display advertising allows the advertiser to use advertising space that is predefined according to their size and location on the site. nvi can help you optimize your ad by providing a turnkey service:

  • We provide a performance audit of previous display campaigns
  • We elaborate new display campaigns based on this performance, in order to optimize them

a few tricks up our sleeve

Here are some of nvi‘s tactics to help you get the most out of your campaign and investment:

  • Production and optimization of banners, in order to improve click/conversion performance
  • Display network optimization, in order to invest in networks with the best click/conversion performance
  • Integrated media strategy (SEO, SEM, display), to build a media plan which includes all our tactics
  • Media Spend Optimization, reallocating your budget toward tactics with the best ROI
  • Focusing on brand awareness, to ensure all tactics are executed with the brand in mind


banners are effective

Because banner campaigns allow you to connect with potential clients as they begin their purchase decision process, it goes without saying that they must be included in your media plan. And when they are used in the context of a digital campaign with pay-per-click performance, they can generate a more than interesting ROI!

The efficiency of a banner campaign allowing to generate traffic to your site rests on two pillars: the action incentive and the context in which the banner is displayed.

how are your creatives performing?

The nvi team will review your creatives, as well as those of your competitors when applicable, in order to evaluate the quality of their call-to-action. The information gathered, thanks to this comparison, will be used during creative production for performance campaigns.

each campaign its own creative

The creatives used during a performance campaign must be distinct from your known branded banners. Banners specifically-produced for your performance campaigns will be developed and tested.

content optimization of your campaigns

There’s no better way to optimize your return on investment than to test the different creatives as well as the different environments in which they are displayed. Like an Adwords campaign, the nvi team continuously analyzes the performance of your campaigns and modifies the allotted budgets to each of the banners and environments throughout the duration of the campaign. In addition to benefiting the most successful banners, the nvi campaign management team will place them in the environment in which they’ll obtain the most qualified visits.


measure wisely

The clickthrough rate (CTR) is a thing of the past, replaced by intelligent measures that allow better decision-making! Before launching a campaign, nvi will evaluate the necessary conversions for the evaluation of the campaign’s success. The campaigns will be optimized based on the researched conversions on your site: completed forms, duration of the visits, etc. Since not all clicks have the same value, quality clicks are what matters.

constant monitoring of campaign performance via your analytics

Ad servers only give a weak indication of the performance of your campaigns; they must be constantly monitored through your Analytics reports. It is these reports that allow us to judge the actual performance of the campaigns and to take strategic decisions accordingly.

it’s the destination that matters

The quality of the landing page has an impact on the performance of your campaigns. The team of specialists at nvi will ensure that the landing pages are optimized according to the performance of actions privileged by the user. This individual has shown an interest in your products by clicking on your banner, we must now ensure that he converts!

Develop Loyalty

an appropriate call-to-action

The use of a strong call-to-action must not be done at the expense of brand awareness. The power of persuasion of your brand is taken into consideration during the development and execution of your campaign.

your brand as performance leverage

The strength of your brand has a direct effect on the global performance of your brand; one with strong awareness generates more clicks and conversions. The nvi team will ensure that an optimal visibility will be given to your brand to complement the call to action of the produced banners. The perfect mix between brand awareness and call-to-action produces optimal results.

tools used for this service

Google Analytics
nvi is an expert when it comes to GA, an extremely useful and free tool to determine what will make your site more successful.
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Google Adwords
After you’ve chosen your most relevant keywords, Google will rank the ads according to their performance and you will only pay if people click on…see +