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customized solutions

Among the wealth of products and services we can purchase on e-commerce websites, you must distinguish yourself by offering an attractive and user-friendly site. That is what nvi is here for! If you want to sell your products, whether they are downloadable or not, or advertise your products for an upcoming online sale, building a smart e-commerce website can make all the difference.

If you want to sell your products, whether they are downloadable or not, or advertise your products for an upcoming online sale, building a smart ecommerce website can make all the difference.

With Magento, the best platform for e-commerce website development, nvi created customized sites for many clients with large scale projects, such as Cirque du Soleil. We also use other solutions, that are ideal for smaller sites.

leave your mark with magento

In addition to creating effective functionality based on your site’s theme, the Magento community includes a range of very interesting services. From promotional activities to analytical techniques to assess your site’s success, sophisticated catalog management tools and mobile e-commerce functionality, the Magento solution has everything you need to become the must-browse retailer of your category.

Leverage nvi experts’ genius so that your e-commerce SEO efforts quickly provide a level of performance that will make you smile!


e-commerce, the easy way

With Magento, a powerful e-commerce platform, several tools, and plugins are now at your fingertips to create a SEO-friendly site. Magento not only allows you to control and rewrite URLs and meta-information according to different products and categories, it also helps generate a Google site plan.

commerce gone mobile

In order to widen your marketing and sales options, Magento offers the possibility of creating a mobile version of your website. This will allow clients to visit your site from different platforms since it will be compatible with iPad, iPhone and Android.

a design for every occasion

Why not customize the design of your store based on various times of the year and holidays that match your sales periods? Magento allows you to adapt the design of your site according to dates and holidays, for example Valentine’s Day, Boxing Day sales, Father’s Day, or even for your special promotions



observe your client’s behaviour while shopping

How convenient would it be to be able to track the behaviour of the user during the buying process? Well, it IS possible! We can establish a true portrait of your visitors’ behaviour, for example knowing the moment when they quit the buying process, the time they spent on your site and all that can be described in detailed administrative reports.

related marketing tools

Magento offers the possibility to display “related products” or “related categories” to stretch the buying process.

It is also possible to add the following to your site: “product reviews” and discount coupons, promotions for predetermined periods of time, for categories of products, for groups of users, even for a store.

checking out

The buying process is simple and efficient since it is done on a single page. Visitors can always check out as a guest or through their user account. In a single order, it is even possible for them to ask for a delivery to different addresses.

administrating the site

With Magento, controlling and administrating different stores through the same administrative panel is really easy, just like navigating and researching in the product catalog.

one store, many payment methods

Offering many payment options helps you make sure clients who are looking for your product will buy it on your online store.

Your site can be linked to several trusted payment systems, like PayPal, authorized.net or other third-party sites.

Develop Loyalty

all the information in the account

Thanks to the user account, it is possible for example to redo an order that’s already been created and to view previous orders.

customer service

No need to answer requests now that it is possible to track the order through the user account.

interesting marketing options

The platform offers an integrated email backup and newsletter sending system, while allowing the broadcast of discount coupons and promotions of all kinds.


tools used for this service

Google Analytics
nvi is an expert when it comes to GA, an extremely useful and free tool to determine what will make your site more successful.

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Cloud CMS
Content management at its best
Managing a website’s content, and even more so in the case of a commercial site, should never be complicated. Cloud…

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nvi only works with the best!
It comes as no surprise that nvi has achieved to secure such an enviable position in the world of web…

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