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targeted and instant traffic: a major benefit

PPCs, click purchasing, sponsored links, paid search, search marketing or pay per click generate targeted and instant traffic to your site. This type of search engine marketing offers many benefits. For example, it allows the execution of market research about certain market niches, in order to test them out and establish their potential. It is a flexible platform that allows you to adjust your strategy and change your ads as you see fit.

target the most effective keywords

Beyond simple online advertising, PPC is a golden opportunity to target the most interesting keywords for your product or service. nvi can help find the most lucrative combinations, the most effective keywords based on location or demographics.

more clicks for your money

By ensuring the daily and weekly management of your site, your click rate is maximized according to your investment. nvi is committed to monitoring the evolution and positioning of your ads and to making sure each dollar you invest generates revenue. nvi also offers the services of its skilled copywriting team, that has the experience required to recognize the best terms to encourage clicking, therefore increasing the number of visits. Displayed properly, your ads will target the consumers you are looking for… and those who are looking for what you have to offer.



the benefits of ppc

In terms of performance objectives, pay-per-click constitutes one of the key links to digital marketing. It allows the referral of traffic to a website quickly or for a short period of time, to complete market studies on precise niches in order to discover their potential, and also offers the advantage of attracting qualified visitors in commercial terms.

ppc audit

You’ve created an Adwords campaign and wonder why it’s not performing well? nvi will conduct a complete analysis of the account for existing campaigns, in order to identify the elements and parameters that need to be modified to ensure the best results.

targeted keywords

Paid search offers you much more than a simple online advertising display. This strategy offers an incredible opportunity to create a selection of the best keywords on which you can position yourself in a natural and profitable way. With a well-structured annual campaign, you will gain an understanding of your best keyword combinations, as well as strategic information on the performance of your chosen terms based on each geographic and demographic aspect.

campaigns adapted to your objectives

The success of a paid search account is determined by the structure of the campaigns. In order to reach this objective, nvi’s PPC teams elaborate the ideal structure for you to adopt in order to reach your business goals. It is primarily the definition of the account’s various campaigns based on the type of product or service being sold.

impactful ads

To ensure a better click rate, the ads written on different online advertising platforms must be flawless. This is where mastering ad writing techniques is critical. Thanks to our expertise, we can improve and maximize your campaigns’ click rates, in addition to the account’s global performance.

well thought-out budget management

Beyond the creation of campaigns, the proper distribution of campaign budgets can guarantee you better results and a higher ROI. It consists of allocating the proper budget to the right campaigns, as well as attracting a maximum amount of potential clients with a limited budget. By proceeding with a complete performance analysis, our team can target key factors to the success of the account and maximize investments in highly successful campaigns, for a better ROI.


measure, optimize, and adjust

Increasing conversion from PPC is a combination of several factors. It is all about properly measuring performances, followed by the optimization of landing pages to facilitate the conversion tunnel, and by managing and maintaining the proper functioning of the campaigns.

monitoring and analysis of results

Performance monitoring is accomplished by measuring conversions triggered by your campaigns. It is an essential element in the management and success of a paid search campaign. Our team’s objective is to create the necessary conversion codes to evaluate the performance of campaigns and maximize your ROI.

optimization of landing pages

The structure of the campaigns guarantees the success of an account, but without attractive and ergonomic landing pages, the performance can be greatly reduced. Thanks to our expertise and optimization techniques, we will recommend modifications to your landing pages to maximize the ROI.

campaign management and maintenance

The success of an account undeniably has to do with the optimization of the campaigns. In order to reach objectives, it’s necessary to ensure management on a daily and weekly basis to maximize the click-through rate of each dollar invested. This involves the creation of new ads, the optimization of quality (Quality Score) of keywords, the optimization of conversion, and especially through performing tests on new keywords, new ads or campaign parameters.

Develop Loyalty

an effective loyalty tool

Because it’s used to quickly attract qualified visitors to a site, paid search can equally be a very strong tool for creating loyalty. Remarketing, search retargeting, use of the brand in paid search… all these techniques, if used properly, can guarantee you success with your customers.


Using remarketing as search retargeting is to have the ability to attract and retain new customers. Remarketing gives you the power of targeting specific clients and proposing personalized promotions and encouraging them to return to your site. Search retargeting allows you to capture visitors even before they access your site, and to attract them during their search, and also to retain them. Thanks to their experience, the nvi team can guide you in this process of customer loyalty with the implementation of a remarketing and search retargeting strategy.

loyalty through ads

The message that we broadcast in paid search ads determines if we want to retain our customers. Highlighting exclusive discounts to your clients or transmitting privileged information about a product through advertising or even link extensions (for Adwords) allow you to catch the attention of a user who is loyal to a brand.

lights on the brand

As part of the retention strategy in paid search, creating a brand campaign can be a profitable strategy, because it allows the highlighting of promotional offers and rebates that refer to your site.


tools used for this service

Google Analytics
nvi is an expert when it comes to GA, an extremely useful and free tool to determine what will make your site more successful.
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Google Adwords
After you’ve chosen your most relevant keywords, Google will rank the ads according to their performance and you will only pay if people click on…see +