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increase sales with powerful email marketing

Have you considered providing the members of your client base with the possibility of receiving a newsletter, a simple and effective way to grow your business?

Among other digital tools nvi suggests, the newsletter allows you to stay in contact with the members of your company, of your client base or any other relevant group. Sent periodically, the newsletter can help increase sales among consumers who have adopted your products, and raise visibility among prospective customers.

a customized solution for newsletter design

Whatever the scope of your subscriber database or of your newsletter project, nvi offers various platforms and solutions for the management of your email marketing services, notably providing statistics detailing its success.

Also, you may choose to use one or a combination of different types of newsletters:

  • Regular newsletter
  • Promotional newsletter
  • Contest newsletter

A banner advertising a special offer or a contest can always be incorporated into the regular newsletter in order to maximize visibility for these activities.

comprehensive service for better results

After sending a newsletter that has been designed according to your specific needs, nvi provides you with a report of the number of emails that were opened and the number of clicks from the newsletter. Then, our experts support you in the improvement of your list of subscribers, its segmentation and the testing of designs, to determine which works best with your audience.


the interest of the newsletter

Attracting clients to your site through a newsletter is a challenge. How can you attract new people to your online properties? nvi has developed partnerships with different suppliers that allow us to send newsletters to a list of potential clients. It is also possible to encourage your current subscribers to share the newsletter with their friends.

the contest newsletter

The newsletter sent to inform subscribers about a contest is a tactic with a high potential of response. It generates a high conversion rate and subscribers will more likely share it. It’s also a great way to collect information related to your users and enrich your databases.


analyzing needs

It is important to understand the needs of your clients before converting your visitors to newsletter subscribers. The offer should not only be relevant, it should be of interest to your visitors, otherwise it can be perceived as intrusive.

the promotional newsletter

With the promotional newsletter, you have a golden opportunity to arouse the interest of your subscribers. Among other things, it allows you to reward your subscribers with offers, promotions or relevant information. They will then see the value of subscribing and their interest will be enhanced. Besides that, the offers are more likely to be shared with other users.

Develop Loyalty

keep in touch. wisely.

The newsletter is the preferred tool to keep in touch with your subscribers and to keep them interested in your brand. By using a strategic broadcasting strategy, by avoiding abuse and by building newsletters that are friendly and specifically based on the needs of your customers, you deepen your relationships and allow a greater retention of your products and services.

the regular newsletter

In order to keep your subscribers informed of the latest news, the regular newsletter is effective, and it allows you to pursue a constant conversation with them. It also offers the possibility to invite your subscribers to revisit you on a regular basis and to give them exclusive information and offers.


tools used for this service

Google Analytics
nvi is an expert when it comes to GA, an extremely useful and free tool to determine what will make your site more successful.

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