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organic seo or how to position yourself  on search engines

Organic search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of increasing the visibility of your website on top search engines like Google and BING, to drive targeted traffic towards key performing pages on your site.

Of course, SEO services require astute planning and a host of resources in order to execute a strategy that is fully adapted to your market, context and business objectives. To optimize your online presence, you first need to define your performance targets, then, conduct market research to evaluate your positioning against your competitors.

a meticulous process

From finding the best keyword combinations to target, identifying your key performance indicators to assessing how your competitors are performing online, the organic SEO process involves exhaustive research. nvi also digs for any elements that could potentially lead to your site being penalized on search engines and establishes an action plan to prevent any unwanted sanctions.

tangible results

  • Allows you to target visitors in a very specific manner
  • Provides better conversion rates than other advertising channels
  • Generates a better than average ROI
  • Contributes to the growth of long term results
  • Increases your brand’s online awareness



a quality site brings quality traffic

Search engine traffic is highly qualified traffic that any business can bank on. Our approach is designed to grab the attention of search engine crawlers to help you earn valuable visits.

site audit

A SEO site audit is performed in order to identify any issues with the current structure of your website and provide recommendations on how to remove the roadblocks getting between you and your performance goals. By eliminating any hurdles to crawlers, mapping the site architecture, ensuring that all relevant keywords are appropriately targeted, and other key considerations, the site audit is a roadmap for fixes that will ultimately improve your site’s ability to draw SEO traffic.

We know how to see a site the way search engines do. We surface and resolve communication confusion between your site and search engines in order to break down any barriers to performance. 

content creation

Strong content earns respect and recommendations from people and sites. Great content creates connections between your website and others. Search engines recognize this by rewarding quality content with rankings and visitorship.

promotion & outreach

We take useful content and use it to build relationships with people, proactively engaging with relevant audiences about things that matter to them. By running contests, events, blogger outreach campaigns and more, we allow great content to reach its full potential.

google places & local seo

Google’s results have evolved tremendously to accommodate highly local searches with customized results. While SEO is largely about attracting people to your site, it is ultimately about attracting people to your business, whether online or offline.


targeting visitors

SEO is all about the execution of targeted tactics designed to maximize output for input. This means attracting the right visitors with the right intent, so that they perform the right actions when they get on your site.

keyword research/seo tree

Any SEO project needs keyword research in order to study and apply the terms that people enter into search engines when conducting a search. Analyzing data from keyword research tools, competitor choices, and analytics data ultimately offers a tangible scope of the size and nature of the audience that can be drawn from search engines.

As high performing terms and pages are identified, the SEO strategy is tailored to generate the highest possible number of conversions. SEO already converts well because of the nature of the platform. We take it a step further.


Site content needs to appeal to both users and search engine crawlers. Search engines want sites designed for users, but still need some hand holding in understanding exactly what the page is about and the terms it should be ranking for. On-page optimization ensures that search engines index your content and pass page rank so that your site meets your conversion goals.

Develop Loyalty


lead the searcher to your product

SEO helps web searchers find the most relevant answers to their queries. By optimizing your site, you are creating more visibility for your products and services so that people looking for exactly what you have to offer, find you! Connecting users to the information they want is the key to building valuable, lasting relationships.

seo analytics

With valuable analytics data available, we are able to identify and act upon observed user behaviour to produce greater retention. Furthermore, we track not only the behaviour of the searcher as they become a user, but we monitor the long-term effects of these visitors as they return and act more.

seo & social media

With social signals influencing how results are ranked, getting people talking, liking, and tweeting about you can significantly boost the overall performance of your site.

Improved rankings bring qualified visitors who can then join and participate within your community, contributing to its long-term growth. This creates an unstoppable feedback loop of engagement and performance, nurturing an ever-stronger and more interested user base.

tools used for this service

Google Analytics
nvi is an expert when it comes to GA, an extremely useful and free tool to determine what will make your site more successful.
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