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social media optimization or how to get people talking about your brand

Social media enables you to engage prospects and customers in real conversations. By being active on popular social netowkring sites, you can increase the visibility of your brand and have direct influence on your rankings.

The process of building a social media presence is about establishing a community where you and your users can share, exchange, and interact in a mutually beneficial environment. Planning a winning social media strategy involves understanding the distinct communities present on social networking sites and choosing the channels that match up best with your organization’s values and goals and, where you can offer real value. That is why it is essential to accurately identify the core aspects of each community’s culture and develop campaigns that are tailored to these unique audiences .

creativity and originality to launch your campaign. with a bang!

To get attention, get talked about and get results from a social media campaign, you need to offer something that sets you apart from the mould: an exclusive Facebook contest, an entertaining infographic, an informational blog post on a subject no one’s covered yet. The key to driving people to your brand is creating content that can be enjoyed on many levels and offering clear incentives for people to get involved.

When a social media campaign goes viral, you benefit from the positive ripple effect it causes in other areas of your business. Sparking interest with compelling content and a powerful campaign generates greater traffic and increases the probability of other key influencers of the blogosphere linking to you. A precious gift anyone would be happy to receive!



people chat, chat with people

The interconnectivity of the Internet has woven social media into the fabric of everyday life. We are able to reach out on a massive scale, with people reaching right back out to us. What does this mean for your business?

Social media means opportunity. It’s a chance to engage with and deliver more to your customers, to build loyalty and lasting relationships and enhance your brand’s image. Twitter, Facebook and other platforms changed the way we live and do business, and now more than ever, companies are taking advantage of this social era. 

social media plan

We look at your existing social activities and the activities of your competitors in order to understand your industry in the social sphere and make recommendations for platforms, content, community engagement, and growth. This forms the basis for an ongoing social media action plan.

The concept, framework, timeline, campaign goals, KPIs and action workflow are strategically designed to ensure the social machine runs smoothly.

competitive analysis

We evaluate your online presence in relation to your competition (online & offline) based on the amount of industry-wide mentions, social signals and social media buzz. From this, we can identify valuable opportunities.

social content creation & promotion

We can create powerful content that carries your brand across social networks. Content gets pushed out, visitors get drawn in.

Infographics are great example of powerful content with reach. They present complex data in a visual graphic that is quick and easy to understand. When done right, they transmit useful knowledge and fully engage and inform readers. People love them, and love to share them.

We enhance the viralization of content through a blend of paid and organic distribution channels. This tactic acquires social signals and drives targeted traffic to you.

As your reach grows, search engines interpret the growth as an indication of quality, in turn boosting your ranking.



building relationships

Social media works by engaging with people and building valuable relationships. The key is to offer something compelling to get, keep, and properly utilize attention.

social strategy

We work with you to create social campaigns around contests, giveaways, infographics and more in order to build your presence on specific platforms and authority in your industry. These are refinements to an overarching strategy given in the social media plan, and result in active, valuable user connections.

Develop Loyalty



Loyalty is all about strong, established and last relationships, and this has never been easier to achieve than with social media. It’s time to leverage the power of community.

platform content strategy

We provide detailed training to set up your editorial flow and creative direction on a blog, social platform or other content venue. This empowers you to target your audience, handle content, and maintain an effective social presence.

Our suggested content strategies include recommendations for content viralization, audience targeting, and content discoverability (SEO), ultimately resulting in a persistent image and presence in social spheres.

brand management

Do you know what people are saying about you? We help you leverage the latest social media monitoring tools, measuring the perception of your brand and campaigns so that adjustments and improvements are on the horizon.


tools used for this service

Google Analytics
nvi is an expert when it comes to GA, an extremely useful and free tool to determine what will make your site more successful.
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