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optimize your online performance with web analytics

To be aware of what goes on on your website and be prepared to react quickly, nvi provides you with means to measure and analyse activities and results generated by your business strategies.

with the right marketing analytics tools, you will be amazed to see your website’s results

Why have a website if you have no idea if it is actually working for you? As Google Analytics (GA) experts, your nvi advisors will implement tools that provide an extensive analysis of your site’s performance and relevant clues about desirable changes. As we have been doing for CGI, we can analyse specific sections of your site, while keeping an overall profile of its stats. With the right reports at your fingertips, you will find it easier to choose which items to remove, add, or modify. GA’s dashboard is also a great feature to group data from the various widgets and reports, and provide an overview of everything that is happening with your site and campaigns.

how can you create the most liked and successful web page?  by trying your ideas out!

With Google Analytics, nvi will also be able to provide you with ways to test various versions of a page or different content for specific sections of a page. This way, you will find out which contents get the best conversion rates.


making the most of seo

While allowing the constant enhancing of your contents through data monitoring, analytics Web tools lead the way to better SEO practices.

constant optimization of your contents

nvi is by your side in the development of your strategic initiatives, proposing to look at your contents with Analytics tools. Whether it is related to targeted themes, to content in the articles themselves, or to best practices that should be implemented.



an analytical tool

Analytics is a tool of choice for the optimization of your conversions. It allows you to witness the behaviour of your visitors, the popularity of your pages and the effectiveness of your conversion tunnels. 

audit analytics

nvi can perform an analytics audit on any of our client’s Google Analytics. The goal of an audit is to look at what is in place both on the website and the GA account and see what we can change, create or remove. It’s easy to spot a client that needs this type of service by taking a quick look at their Google Analytics account and profiles. An audit can feature recommendations for the client and also actions we can take care of like setting up events, goals, custom variables, profiles, filters, and more.

tracking implementation

nvi installs a Google Analytics tracking code for all the websites it creates.

We also do the installation for websites made by a third-party and it doesn’t have to be Google Analytics as long as we receive the necessary information. The tracking code enables platforms like GA to track a website and if the stats do not look good to a client, we have tools to scan a whole website and find out what is wrong especially for third-party sites.



Develop Loyalty


a better understanding

Because they allow to develop a profound understanding of your visitors, Analytics tools are particularly adapted to retain your audience, by making it possible to offer content that is more and more relevant and processes that are more and more effective.


The change Google Analytics went through a while ago was to add the Dashboards option on the Home view, along with Real-Time and Intelligence Events. Email reporting can be interesting for clients that have no time to spend online and would rather get an overview on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.

a/b experiment

When performing an A/B experiment, the visitor will either end up on page A or a variation (B) and the conversion of the page will be tracked and reported to see which page works better.

To conduct an A/B experiment, we need the current Web page to experiment and its variations. The A/B experiment should be used for landing pages or any type of page that contrasts with the rest of the Website.

Google Analytics will let you know when it feels confident in its results, which could take days, weeks or months.

multivariate experiment

The multivariate experiment is even more interesting but also requires more work. Instead of using a different set of page links, the testing occurs on the same page but in multiple areas.

This way, you can set different logos, call to actions and forms looks all at the same time and see what is more popular in each area of the page but also as a whole.

For a dynamic website such as WordPress or Cloud CMS, we could even test the CSS that works better so the whole website could have different colors and fonts depending on which version the visitors ends up on.

This type of testing can become really interesting for a client who wants to redesign a popular website so we can conduct experiments on it before changing the whole look and risk losing conversion.


tools used for this service

Google Analytics
nvi is an expert when it comes to GA, an extremely useful and free tool to determine what will make your site more successful.
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