initial situation

CGI wanted to produce, track and share metrics with Google Analytics to benefit all company business units. CGI worked with various firms in the past, to improve the way they retrieve data from Google Analytics.  They wanted to revisit their approach, looking at what was in place both on the website and the Google Analytics account to figure what needed to be changed, created or removed in order to achieve better performance.


what we’ve accomplished

  • Implementation of Key Performance Indicators;
  • Creation and reorganization of profiles with filters in Google Analytics, while keeping a master account;
  • Cleaning of the URL structure for a better tracking of website sections;
  • Proper set-up of PDF files to be able to know which ones were the most popular.


vertical: business services

With a solid digital strategy, the implementation of Key Performance Indicators and optimization of the tool to match best practices, Google Analytics can be a great way to have a better knowledge and insight about a company and its metrics, in order to achieve better performance. CGI got:

  • Better understanding of Google Analytics and its best practices in general;
  • Help to streamline and adapt their profiles and automated reports;
  • Better campaign tags to track performance;
  • Training on how to efficiently use Google Analytics;
  • Custom reports to organize information, based on what metrics are required for various stakeholders of the company.

services used


web analytics

Benefit from all the metrics that help increase your online performances with a tailored analytics solution.

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