initial situation

Conestoga College wanted to increase student registrations to targeted courses and programs offered by the College. Conestoga had a vast, complex website featuring hundreds of programs, and thousands of classes. Their website had never received any significant treatment before and had to stand out from the competition of other very web savvy Ontario community colleges.


what we’ve accomplished

  • Implementation of architecture and crawler accessibility of key programs and courses pages;
  • Correction of the significant amount of duplicate content within the website;
  • Optimization of title tags and meta descriptions.


vertical: education & careers

Even a highly-trusted, authoritative and established website like the one from Conestoga College can benefit from an effective SEO treatment to get better results. Conestoga got:

  • A targeted SEO campaign;
  • A reorganisation of the website’s content;
  • 50% year-over-year growth rate in organic non-brand traffic, for target keyword themes, after only 4 months of work;
  • Overall organic non-brand traffic increased by almost 100% in about 18 months;
  • A dramatic increase of rankings on keywords in target keyword themes (organic non-brand traffic increased for some keyword themes by more than 800% over the course of the project).

services used


web analytics

Benefit from all the metrics that help increase your online performances with a tailored analytics solution.

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search engine optimization

Develop the ideal SEO strategy that will provide the best ROI.

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