initial situation

Garaga wanted to offer web marketing support to its dealers, reduce its PPC costs per acquisition and implement preset amounts. With customers in Quebec, Ontario and the United States, Garaga needed a strategy suited for each specific target market.


what we’ve accomplished

  • Develop a strategic plan;
  • Created and optimized individual AdWords campaigns for all merchants, that target location and other market specific elements;
  • Support for more difficult markets to penetrate;
  • Implementation of call measuring tools via Ifbyphone;
  • Implementation of performance measurement tools with Google Analytics.


Garaga managed to lower its cost per acquisition by implementing Google Analytics and ifbyphone to measure web and phone conversions and respond to their target markets accordingly. Garaga got:

  • A steady increase in traffic and increased lead generation;
  • A web presence that keeps gaining value on search engines;
  • High rankings on search engines for Garaga’s strategic keyword themes;
  • Ongoing monitoring and optimization for numerous campaigns.

services used


pay per click

By purchasing ads on major search engines, you are tapping into the 89% of consumers!

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search engine optimization

Develop the ideal SEO strategy that will provide the best ROI.

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