Marie Saint Pierre

initial situation

Marie Saint Pierre was looking for a way to easily share store promotions, news and advertise clothing lines. In the highly competitive ready-to-wear industry, it was essential to use cutting-edge strategies in order to help Marie Saint Pierre stand out.


what we’ve accomplished

  • After updating the Marie Saint Pierre site, nvi created a newsletter campaign;
  • Implementation a newsletter management platform.

marie saint pierre

vertical: retailers

Marie Saint Pierre values the balance of style and comfort in their fashion designs. nvi built a polished, effective strategy that was sensitive to the values of its customer. Marie Saint Pierre got:

  • A strong community of newsletter readers. This channel for online communication is an efficient and low cost promotional tool;
  • Regular newsletter distribution executed by nvi;
  • Online authority that increases every week.

services used


relational marketing

Do not underestimate the impact of a newsletter in terms of traffic and sales for your products and services!

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