Pure Mobile

initial situation

Pure Mobile, an online source for cell phone, tablet, and notebook accessories, wanted a PPC campaign focused on keyword opportunities where positive ROI was achievable. The challenge is that products sold by Pure Mobile are inexpensive, so a high volume is required in order to reach a ROI; however, bids on keywords are high, making it expensive to reach a high volume.


what we’ve accomplished

  • Implementation of a targeted strategic campaign;
  • Continuous optimization and testing of new strategies in order to find profitable opportunities.

pure mobile

vertical: consumer electronics

Huge improvements are achievable even in the most competitive niches such as what Pure Mobile faces, as long as there is a strong strategy, and a lot of determination. Pure Mobile got:

  • A clickthrough rate more than 5 times higher than it was prior, over a 7 week period
  • Ongoing testing and adjustments to help attain targets and discover areas offering superior results;
  • significant improvement of the conversion rate, bringing new customers;
  • New sales through PPC and from recent strategies.

services used


pay per click

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