Benoit Chiasson

benoit chiasson

vice president, marketing and sales



Benoit is responsible for leading the sales, communications and marketing departments at nvi. He oversees the client services teams and handles all matters concerning the nvibrand. Benoit stepped into the world of web marketing in the early 2000s, and honed his online experience as Director of Marketing and Sales at Cyberpresse and Sympatico (Bell Media), prior to joining nvi in 2011. He is fascinated by the speed at which technology evolves and the infinite possibilities it offers.


Benoit is positive, energetic and always sees the glass half full! The proud father of two boys, Benoit is a kid at heart, always ready for a Rock Band or Guitar Hero throw down with his sons. However his favourite thing to do is to be active and play sports. Benoit is a former semi-pro hockey champion. He is also a huge baseball fan, and shares his love for the sport coaching a youth baseball team. To keep active, he is an avid cycler and says he is only satisfied if he clocks a minimum of 70 km!