François Berthiaume

françois berthiaume

strategist, client services



François manages the digital marketing strategies for client accounts. He identifies their online needs and develops lucrative solutions to respond to them effectively. A trained graphic designer, François says that had he realized he was colour blind, he would never have pursued this career. After studying Marketing, he worked for various advertising agencies. He worked at Cyberpresse and Sympatico before joining nvi. François believes that there must be continued growth in order for his work to be well done.


Guarding his clients’ bottom line by day; his hockey team’s net by night, François is a die-hard hockey fan that has a special talent for naming of all the NHL goalies from the 90s. Test him! He has a pretty outstanding track record! François is passionate about all kinds of sports and activities. He loves the speed and rush of cycling as much as the relaxed nature of a game of golf. He is energetic, determined and not afraid to try new things. When he is not in action, François loves spending time with his children, who always know how to make him smile…