Guillaume Bouchard

guillaume bouchard




Guillaume is founder and Chairman of the Board of nvi, and is responsible for overseeing the company’s overall business development and growth. He is a graduate from HEC Montreal, and a former Regional Director at College Pro. These experiences helped him develop the skills and knowledge he needed to co-found nvi with his friend and colleague, Simon Rouillier. His plan: to attain clear goals that have the most impact possible for clients, trying every possible solution to get results. By being results-driven and putting performance at the forefront of strategies, Guillaume was able to push nvi into becoming a leading digital performance agency in Canada, in just a few short years.


Guillaume loves the adrenaline of having to think and act fast. This instinct for decision-making and strategizing spills over to his free time, too. In fact, Guillaume played Starcraft (a real-time online strategy game) competitively for many years. He even participated in the Korean Video Games Olympics in 2000. As much as he loves the fast-paced nature of his job (and his video games), he can appreciate the peace and tranquillity of fishing or sitting by a lake. An individual with tremendous group spirit, he also loves to hang out with his family and wine and dine with friends.