Jessika Rousseau

jessika rousseau

strategist, client services



Working from our Toronto office, Jessika deals with clients’ needs and expectations, finding out exactly what they want. Thereby, she is in charge of developing strategies and managing projects. Her passion for online advertising and her thirst for knowledge brought her to nvi. Beforehand, Jessika has been a media planner and worked in sales for many years. With a strong knowledge of the the advertising and media industry, Jessika knows how to build digital strategies that will improve overall business performance.


Jessika is multiculturalism personified! Born in Quebec city, she lives in Toronto and is fully bilingual. When she is done with her long to do list and her boxing bag training, she likes to watch movies or indulge in a sweet sugar pie! She has many talents but doesn’t consider herself an expert on one particular thing. After all, she loves to “Google it”!