Julie Roy

julie roy

team lead, project management



Julie supervises and ensures that nvi client projects are carried to term and executed superiorly. She has a multimedia background and worked in integration and planning before becoming a project manager and team lead at nvi. Julie aims to help her clients perform their best by utilizing the strengths and talents of her team. The spirit and energy of her team as well as the achievements of her clients are what motivate her to push forward. She isn’t simply driven by the final result; it’s the process in which the result was achieved. She brings projects the extra mile by listening to the needs of her clients and team, and finding a way to adapt and make things work.


An epicurean at heart, Julie enjoys good wine, chocolate… and also makes the best lamb shank in town! Mother of two small boys, she loves being with her family and making sure that everyone is happy. Julie also knows how to make the most out of her down-time and loves to immerse herself in a great book. When she gets the urge to be active, she enjoys a vigorous match of tennis.