Khalifa Yahiaoui

khalifa yahiaoui

team lead, ppc and media buying



After graduating from the ISC Paris School of Management, Khalifa began his career at nvi in 2009. He started in the SEO department but quickly found his calling in Pay Per Click, the department which he spearheads today.Khalifa’s duties include managing paid search campaigns for websites as well as working on building and optimizing campaigns through various forms of paid advertising on all search engines. Often the first to arrive at the office and the last to leave, Khalifa has a will of steel and the ability to go above and beyond expectations. He is dedicated to helping clients achieve their objectives always scouting new ideas and opportunities that will help them surpass their goals.


As seriously as Khalifa takes his job, he’s a real clown at heart. Aiming to lighten up the mood at work, he never misses an opportunity to crack a joke and make his teammates laugh. The only thing he takes as seriously as work is soccer. A soccer fanatic, he watches every game with undivided attention.

He is also passionate about music and appreciates the cultural activities Montreal has to offer. He never misses an occasion to listen or discover a new band.