Lorenzo Pirri

lorenzo pirri

financial controller



Lorenzo is responsible for the financial and administrative aspects of nvi. His role is to provide financial solutions for the departments regarding revenues and production costs. Lorenzo ensures that the company has all the financial resources needed to ensure its continued growth. Lorenzo graduated from HEC, and is part of the CMA order. He has always been drawn to management work, and began his career at Optimal Payments where he was a Financial Reporting Manager. When Lorenzo took the position at nvi, he knew he had found the perfect organization for him and quickly became immersed in the company’s culture and values. Focused on the quality of his work, he constantly aims to present clear analyses that are easy to understand and makes sure that all business endeavours run smoothly.


Lorenzo is a big movie buff and loves good films! Open to all types of genres and styles, he appreciates an engaging story and superior acting. It only takes a few simple things to make Lorenzo happy! A sunny day; cruising around (sans traffic); having dinner on a terrace followed by a good movie! But life isn’t just about fun and movies! Being the son of an Italian immigrant who knew no French or English when he came to Quebec at 16 years old, Lorenzo has the utmost admiration and respect for his father, whom built his business from scratch. This is probably where Lorenzo gets his work ethic and inner drive to go the extra mile from.