Maxime Gaudreau

maxime gaudreau

director, digital marketing and innovation



Maxime’s role is to ensure that nvi’s clients maintain a solid and sustainable online presence. Always on the lookout for new trends, he makes sure that nvi is always using the most cutting-edge tools and technologies so that the company stays at the forefront of digital innovation. After studying computer engineering, he worked as a web consultant for several different companies. He also has experience in radio and journalism. Before nvi, Maxime worked for Cirque du Soleil where he carried out several responsibilities, notably, the Director of Interactive Marketing Services. A passionate and energetic person, Maxime is eager to share his experience and learning. He wants to impart his knowledge with clients in order to fortify their success.


As a foodie and adventurer, Maxime can appreciate some good old Chef Boyardee by a camp fire as much as a fresh papaya salad in the streets of Bangkok. This globe-trotter loves treading off the beaten path and has visited over 15 countries around the world. Though he enjoys seeing where the wind will take him next, there is always method to his trip planning! He has an innate sense of organization and has pre-compiled lists to help him plan and organize just about any type of excursion. At home, Maxime enjoys the Zen of gardening and takes pleasure in caring for flowers and his urban garden. To him, life and work are much like a garden. He is always looking for ways to keep it growing.